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1949, 06 Sep 14

Municipal Spending Down


The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance issued two reports this week, one showing municipal spending per capita declined 3 percent as Walker’s public union reforms and first state budget took effect, and the other measuring the state’s business climate.

According to the group’s annual MunicipalFacts report, cities and villages with at least 2,000 residents spent on average $823 per capita in 2012, down from $848 the year before. Per capita spending grew 2.2 percent on average in the previous six years. Spending dipped 1 percent in 2009, which was the first decline in more than a decade.

Curt Witynski, assistant director of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, chalked up the reduction to a combination of factors, including “good management of public dollars by municipal elected officials, Act 10, strict levy limits and several other changes included in Gov. Walker’s first budget, such as the repeal of language requiring municipalities to maintain certain minimum spending thresholds on libraries, police and fire protection” and “the reduction in shared revenue and other intergovernmental programs like transportation aids.”


1949, 06 September 2014

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  1. Steve Austin

    Walker has up these “jobs, jobs, jobs” ads which are a good response to the Burke ad. Yet I wonder why he won’t do a significant ad campaign on ACT 10 and how for so many people their property taxes are down.

    I’d start the thing off by scrolling down the screen a list of all the fees/taxes that Doyle raised his last couple years in office and then counter with a retired fixed income couple opening their property tax bill and celebrating that they can keep their house and stay in Wisconsin because Scott Walker put the lid on the Doyle/Burke tax hikes.

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