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2047, 04 Sep 14

Burke’s Tenure on Madison School Board Gets Scrutiny

Walker makes a point.

MIDDLETON — Gov. Scott Walker says his Democratic challenger Mary Burke hasn’t addressed low graduation rates for black students as a member of the Madison school board and doesn’t want to save taxpayers money by implementing the law that effectively ended collective bargaining for teachers.

Mary Burke wants to be our next governor. Her record really only has two things to measure. First, she was an executive at her father’s company at a time it was outsourcing thousands of jobs to China. She left that company about a decade ago. Second, she’s been on the Madison School Board for 2 years. Other than that, she appears to have been fairly unemployed since leaving Trek. Given that her resume is so thin, we have to evaluate what is there.

In this case, her record on the Madison School Board is worth examining. Or is it somehow untoward to examine someone’s record nowadays? Perhaps the media would be so kind as to actually run some stories about her actions – and inactions – on that board.


2047, 04 September 2014


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