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2309, 03 Sep 14

Germantown Teacher on Paid Leave


By M.D. Kittle | Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON, Wis. — The Germantown kindergarten teacher who was cited for disorderly conduct after police said she tore up and stomped on several Republican signs at the Jefferson County Fair because she was “so angry with Gov. Scott Walker” is on paid leave, Wisconsin Reporter has learned.

April Kay Smith, 38, who teaches at Amy Belle Elementary School, first denied, then admitted to Jefferson County authorities she damaged several signs at the Jefferson County Republican Party booth after the fair had shut down for the night on July 9.

Germantown Superintendent Jeff Holmes confirmed that Smith is on administrative leave and an investigation into her conduct is ongoing.

“We hope to have the investigation completed and reported out to the (school) board by the end of the September,” he said.

It does put the district in a tough situation, but they appear to be trying to figure it out. The school board and the administration are clearly trying to listen to the community and do something about this teacher. What makes it difficult is that her inappropriate behavior, destruction of property, and lying to the police didn’t happen during work time or on school property. It is unlikely that there is anything in school policy addressing anything other than a felony and perhaps misdemeanors involving minors. If there is a blanket conduct policy, the district may be able to invoke that, but it will likely lead to them being sued if they haven’t fired other employees for similar offenses.

So what to do? The community won’t tolerate her teaching their kids anymore with her anger issues. But if they can’t fire her, then what? Will Germantown need a rubber room like the New York district had?

Good luck, Germantown.


2309, 03 September 2014


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