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1026, 31 Aug 14

Walker Needs a Second Term Agenda

Hopefully Walker is getting the message. He seems to be.

Walker says there is Republican voter fatigue after the 2010 election and two series of recalls in both 2011 and 2012.

Walker says in the coming weeks he will be announcing details about what he calls an aggressive agenda should he be re-elected.

There is nothing that will get conservative voters more jazzed than a strong conservative agenda. To date, Walker has shied away from offering one for his second term. All he has done is defend his record during the first term, but he does not have to defend that record to conservatives. We get it. The problem is that he has given no indication for what’s next.

What would I like to see? In no particular order:

  • Statewide school choice
  • Right to work
  • Major tax reform (like eliminating the income tax)
  • Major spending reductions

What do you want to see in Walker’s second term?


1026, 31 August 2014

1 Comment

  1. Ryan Morgan

    Walker has said in the past he has no intention to pursue right to work. Also, eliminating the income tax is a fantasy. The most you will get is an incremental cut similar to what you got in the last budget. Anything more than that will bring about a deficit (unless you make other steep cuts elsewhere, but I honestly don’t know where those would be).

    So in summary, the reason it may seem like Walker doesn’t have much planned for the 2nd term is that he did most of what he wanted in his first term and is making sure he doesn’t over-reach, which personally I think is a good idea.

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