Madison’s Micro-School

This really looked like a promising concept.

As promised, a new off-site “micro-school” for about a dozen troubled students from La Follette High School opened Thursday for a nine-week try at re-engagement.

The pilot program’s first day at Life Center Madison, a rented church space located about 2 miles southeast of the high school on the city’s Southeast Side, followed a family night two days earlier during which the alternative concept received what Madison School District secondary schools chief Alex Fralin called “tremendous buy-in” from parents.

Although it seems like an expensive idea, it looked like it might work. It separates the malcontents from the rest if the students and provides them some very personalized instruction that will hopefully take.

Then I read this:

But administrators are optimistic the micro-school could prove different, in part because the students chose to be there — enrollment in the program was voluntary — and because they helped design the curriculum, revolving around project work, soft skills, experiential learning and the study of “real-world” math and science.

Ugh. So they are asking problem kids if they want to get out of regular school and go somewhere where they can set their own curriculum. Never mind.