Armed Citizens Thwart Car Thieves

Awesome. If more of this happens, hopefully the thieves will get the message.

Krieger and his contractor found two 14-year-old Milwaukee teens trying to steal the contractor’s minivan. Krieger says both of them have concealed carry permits and drew their guns while his wife called 911.

“Evidently, they intercepted the two young men sitting in the car already so they were probably quite close to taking the van,” said Barbara Krieger.

Krieger says that’s when the contractor ordered the teens out of the 2004 Dodge Caravan.

“He pointed the gun at them, opened the door, and had him lay down on his face on the pavement,” said Walter Krieger.

Krieger says one of the teens ran off, but returned to turn himself in.

“So then I went back and confronted him and he saw that I had a pistol in my hands and he just raised his hands and I told him to sit down in front of the vehicle and that’s what he did until the police department came.”

The Glendale Police Department says in this case, both the contractor and Krieger followed the law.