According to UW-Eau Claire, Christ’s own community service would not have counted for graduation.

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. — A faith-based advocacy group has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of two University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students whose community service doesn’t count toward graduation because it involved teaching religious doctrine at a church.

The university requires 30 hours of “service learning activity” before graduation.

“If the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire wants to require its students to perform community service, then it must treat all forms of community service as equally valuable and equally worthwhile.

“This kind of animosity toward religion, this kind of discrimination towards religion, in unconstitutional,” said the Alliance Defending Freedom, which is representing the students.

Assistant Chancellor Mike Rindo told WQOW-TV that the university’s guidebook says time spent promoting religious doctrine or worship won’t be counted.

If the goal of the policy is to encourage students to be active in their communities and serve their fellow man, then why would that exclude service through a church? Churches have been serving communities far longer than UW.