These health officials have lost the trust they may have once had due their dictatorial abuse of power. No, it wasn’t all of them, but enough of them that people aren’t going to just sit by and trust that they will only use their power in a restrained and judicious manner.

One Sheboygan County official said a mere proposal led to a protest Tuesday evening, Aug. 18 after swirling internet rumors led to confusion and angst among community members.

“I’ve never in my 22-year career of working here in Sheboygan County, have seen this level of angst and stress,” said Adam Payne, Sheboygan County administrator.

Outside of the Sheboygan County Courthouse on Tuesday, fear over a proposed public health ordinance was felt by protesters. Payne also said he has already received dozens of calls and emails in protests to the ordinance, which was drafted Friday.

“We’re not looking to surprise anybody, we’re not looking to hurt anybody,” Payne said. “We’re looking to protect our community and be prepared if things get worse.”