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Haley Says Trump Cabinet Members Were Part of Resistance

To be fair, I suspect that this kind of “we know better than the big guy” stuff has happened in every cabinet since Washington’s. Cabinets are filled with Type A folks who have been successful.

Ms Haley says Mr Kelly and Mr Tillerson told her they “weren’t being subordinate, they were trying to save the country”.

“It was their decisions, not the president’s, that were in the best interests of America, they said,” she wrote in her book With All Due Respect, which was seen by the Washington Post before its release on Tuesday.

Mr Tillerson, she added, told her people would die if the president were not restrained.

Ms Haley, 47, said she had refused the request from Mr Kelly and Mr Tillerson, and called it “dangerous” and “offensive”.

“Instead of saying that to me they should have been saying that to the president, not asking me to join them on their sidebar plan,” she told CBS.

“It should have been – go tell the president what your differences are and quit if you don’t like what he’s doing. But to undermine a president… it is really a very dangerous thing and it goes against the constitution, and it goes against what the American people want. It was offensive.”

Nikki Haley Resigns

She has been one of the best UN Ambassadors we’ve ever had. I look forward to voting for her for President some day.

President Trump has accepted Nikki Haley’s resignation as UN Ambassador, according to two sources briefed on their conversation. The timing of her departure is still unclear.

What we’re hearing: Haley discussed her resignation with Trump last week when she visited him at the White House, these sources said. Her news shocked a number of senior foreign policy officials in the Trump administration.

Background: Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, was easily confirmed four days after President Trump’s inauguration in 2017.

She has overseen Trump’s shift in dealing with the UN, including the U.S. exit from the UN Human Rights Council, which Haley called the organization’s “greatest failure.”

Note: I haven’t seen this confirmed anywhere else.

Nikki Haley Gets Shabby Treatment by Feminists

Kudos to Haley for going to a hostile environment and representing herself well. Can you imagine how the media would be yammering about the “hostile culture” and “decline of civility” if Hillary Clinton or someone got this kind of treatment at CPAC?

Asked about her approach to dealing with dictators in her new role, the former South Carolina governor said that her goal was to “call them out when they do something wrong” and to “work with them when you can.”

“Get to the next panel!” an audience member shouted in response.

It was not exactly a shock that a member of the Trump administration would receive a less-than-warm welcome from a room full of people who’d paid to hear speakers like Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards discuss feminism for three days, but Haley managed to carry on with the interview unfazed, telling Van Susteren that she has no regrets about taking on the U.N. job.

“Everyone was waiting to see what the U.S. was going to do,” she said. “What we have to do is lead.”

After Haley finished, Women in the World founder Tina Brown addressed the “boisterous reception” for Haley and commended the ambassador for showing up.

“We often complain and sneer and say Republicans never want to come on any kind of forum except Fox News or places where they can be, you know, asked questions that are soft,” Brown said, adding that Haley “graciously” remained calm amid the heckling. “She didn’t get agitated about it, and she’s in the middle of a lot of world crises.”

Haley Evaluates U.N. Peacekeepers

This is a good move.

Haley is setting up a mission-by-mission review of all 16 peace operations and is “relatively skeptical” of the value and efficiency of many of the blue-helmet deployments, said the diplomat, who spoke on background.

A senior Security Council diplomat told AFP that peacekeeping reform was “a priority” for the new US ambassador “who wants to work closely with key partners on the issue in the coming weeks.”

While the United States has few soldiers serving as peacekeepers, it is by far the biggest financial contributor to UN peacekeeping, providing nearly 29 percent of the $7.9 billion budget for this year.

During hearings at the US Senate last month, Haley made clear she was seeking to bring the US share of funding for peacekeeping to below 25 percent and said other countries should step in to shoulder the burden.

“We have to start encouraging other countries to have skin in the game,” she said.

It is easy for the U.N. to send Blue Helmets all around the world when someone else is footing the bill. How often are the Blue Helmets actually keeping peace?

Nikki Haley for U.N. Ambassador

Again, I’m liking most of Trump’s choices so far.

COLUMBIA — President-elect Donald Trump is picking South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to become his U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, The Post and Courier has learned.

The move, expected Wednesday, continues the steep political rise of the daughter of Indian immigrants that started six years ago when the Bamberg native was elected as South Carolina’s first female and minority governor.

The planned nomination to the cabinet-level post, confirmed by multiple sources with knowledge of the decision, is likely to raise questions about Haley’s qualifications for a major foreign policy role since she has little diplomatic experience as state lawmaker and governor.

The 44-year-old’s chief foreign work centers on negotiating with international companies seeking economic development deals in the state and leading seven overseas trade missions as governor. Her husband, Michael, was deployed for nearly a year in Afghanistan with the S.C. National Guard in 2013.



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