What a shame.

Ireland’s prime minister has hailed the country’s decision to overturn a ban on abortion as the scale of the Yes campaign’s victory in the referendum became clear on Saturday.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, who led the Yes campaign, has said the country is united and has voted ‘resoundingly’ in favour of the abortion reform, as official results showed almost two-thirds supporting the change.

He pledged to introduce new legislation by the end of the year and called the repeal campaign’s landslide victory ‘the culmination of a quiet revolution’.

Returning officer Barry Ryan confirmed the Yes campaign’s victory on Saturday evening, with 1,429,981 ballots in favour (66.4 per cent) and 723,632 against (33.6 per cent).

Some day, sadly far in the future, people will look back on the age of abortion with the same moral indignation that we look upon the human sacrifices of the Aztecs.