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Top Two Advance in DPI Race


State Superintendent Tony Evers will face off against Lowell Holtz in a general re-election bid for his post, according to the Associated Press.

Eliminated in today’s primary was John Humphries, former Dodgeville administrator who also worked at DPI.

Evers gathered 69 percent of the vote, while Holtz has 23 percent and Humphries has 7 percent, according to unofficial election results from AP.

With turnout so low in the state, the reliable union voters were likely over-represented a tad. This presents a good, clear choice for the April election.

Three Vie for State Superintendent


State Superintendent Tony Evers — first elected in 2009 — will face former Beloit School District Superintendent Lowell Holtz and John Humphries, a Dodgeville School District administrator, in a February primary.

 What’s interesting is who is missing. Germantown Superintendent Jeffrey Holmes announced that he was running for this seat months ago. It looks like he didn’t file. What happened? He did just shepherd through a massive school referendum in his district. Perhaps he thought he couldn’t win with conservatives with that on his record? Or does he now want to have the fun of spending all of that money? Or perhaps some family issues came up? Curious. Perhaps some intrepid reporter will look into it for us.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Overturns DPI Law

I think this ruling is largely correct.

Justices Michael Gableman and David Prosser split with their fellow conservative colleagues, siding with the courts two liberal justices to render a 4-3 decision upholding a ruling from 20 years ago that had solidified the state superintendent’s independence as head of the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).

Gov. Walker signed a law in 2011 that would have given his administration greater power in writing administrative rules on education, a function solely preserved for DPI under this ruling.

Ultimately, the court rejected arguments made by Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel to overturn the decision.

While I dislike the concept of a DPI as a Constitutional position in general, it is in our state’s constitution. If we want to change it, we need to revise our Constitution.



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