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Middleton Enacts “Unlawful” Restrictions

There is a huge disconnect between the draconian laws that we are expected to obey and fact that the government is letting protesters and rioters ignore all of the laws. Equal application of the law is a fundamental pillar of a free society. And yes, Middleton does not have the legal authority to enact these restrictions.

MIDDLETON, Wis. (WMTV) – The Tavern League of Wisconsin is calling restrictions on bars and restaurants “unlawful,” after public health officials announced a new emergency order Wednesday to slow the spread of coronavirus.

At restaurants, the restriction (Emergency Order #7) brings indoor dining capacity down from 50 percent to 25 percent. Bars can no longer allow indoor dining, only takeout and outdoor seating with physical distancing.

Janel Heinrich, the director of Public Health Madison & Dane County, said that the county has experienced a high number of cases recently. She also said that contact tracers found much of the spread has come from public gatherings, restaurants and bars.

Madison Schools Kick Out Cops

Brilliant /sarcasm

Three hundred and eighty-five days.

That’s the difference between the Madison School Board approving a contract to place police officers in each of its four comprehensive high schools for three years, and the board voting to end that contract immediately.

In an illustration of how local activism and a national movement can combine to reshape policy, board members took a major step toward removing officers from from schools Monday night. The vote was unanimous.

Last year, the contract was approved on a 4 to 3 vote, with Nicki Vander Meulen, Ali Muldrow and Ananda Mirilli opposed. Savion Castro and Christina Gomez-Schmidt are new to the board since then. Gloria Reyes, a former police officer, changed her stance recently amid ongoing community activism and Cris Carusi changed her vote from last year given recent events.


It remains unclear how security will be handled this fall, but the district has been working toward including a pay raise and opportunities for advancement for its School Security Assistants in the 2020-21 budget. They hope that will help keep turnover rates low and make the positions more attractive.


Police have been stationed in Madison schools since the 1990s, with proponents highlighting the relationships the officers could establish with students and the need to have an officer on site in case of a school shooter or other emergency.

It’s all virtue signaling and fun until that next school shooting.

Couple Defends Home

Good for them.

A couple brandished an AR-15 and a handgun at protesters marching past their mansion in an upscale St. Louis neighborhood.

Husband and wife, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, could be seen aiming the guns at demonstrators who walked by their palatial property in the wealthy Forest Park area at around 6pm on Sunday.

While the couple is easy to tease for their poor weapon handling and wealthy trappings, they are expressing what many of us are feeling. Our neighborhoods are being overrun by violent rioters and the police are letting them do it. That leaves it to each of us to defend our lives and our property by ourselves. Given the current state of things, did this couple have any reasonable expectation that the cops would come and defend their home? Was there a reasonable expectation that this crowd might decide to sweep through their home, rob it, and burn it? That kind of violence is happening all over the country and this couple acted to defend themselves and their property. Good for them.

Minneapolis Council Members Get Private Armed Security As they Vote to Defund Police

I notice that they are blaming that old bogeyman, “white nationalists.” I call BS. True White Nationalists are not generally supportive of law enforcement. Why would they be upset about defunding the police? It gives them just as much relief from their criminal and terrorist activities. No, I suspect those death threats are coming from the same people who are already making threats in their efforts to destabilize civilized society.

In any case, the hypocrisy is thick and the callous disregard for the safety of the citizens they represent is appalling. They get taxpayer-funded, armed security while they push to strip the streets of protection for those same taxpayers.

Three members of the Minneapolis City Council have been provided with a private security detail after receiving death threats for supporting proposals to defend the city’s police department in the wake of George Floyd’s killing.

A city spokesperson said the private security details ordered for council members Andrea Jenkins, Phillipe Cunningham and Alondra Cano have cost taxpayers $63,000 over the past three weeks – a rate of $4,300 per day.

News of the arrangement surfaced Friday, the same day the council voted 12-0 to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department, initiating steps toward establishing ‘peace officers’ and a new ‘holistic’ approach to public safety.


The security detail is being provided by two firms, Aegis and BelCom as an interim fix until other security solutions can be established

When asked why MPD are not providing security to the councilmembers, a city spokesperson said the department’s resources are needed elsewhere in the community. The hourly cost of private security is similar to the cost for a police officer, the spokesperson added

Government Asks Tech Companies to Forbid Advocating Crime

This whole censorship thing gets a bit slippery, eh?

As protests against police brutality and racism stretch into their fourth week across the US, the Trump administration is pressuring tech companies to take action against posts that encourage the toppling of statues, describing them as “criminal activity.”

Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf sent letters to companies including Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Snapchat Friday. They claim that social media sites have enabled “burglary, arson, aggravated assault, rioting, looting, and defacing public property,” according to copies of the letters obtained by Business Insider.

Police Officers Leaving The Job

Can you blame them?

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police say a recent spike in retirements and resignations is a result of the recent unrest.

“Our law enforcement people don’t want to be here anymore,” Assistant Chief Regina Howard said. “I think that’s really tough because of everything going on out there.”

To date in 2020, 75 officers have resigned or retired. Since May 25, 26 (about 35 percent) of those letters were filed. In all of 2019, 69 officers retired or resigned.

“Every single day, there are resignation and retirement letters coming up to the chief’s office,” Howard said. “From members we wouldn’t have expected.”

“These are lieutenants, captains, that play integral roles as it relates to this department,” Assistant Chief Michael Brunson said. “They had dates they were planning on retiring. Because of the environment, because of what’s going on in the zeitgeist, they are deciding to push those retirements up because of this.”

And how many more are taking a step back from policing? How many are just looking the other way when that car blows through a red light? How many are only responding to calls? How many are spending their tours just driving around minding their own business? How many crimes are being committed as our police retreat into the safety of inaction?

Businesses in Downtown Madison Struggle

Not that I go there very often anyway, but I doubt I’ll be sitting at a sidewalk cafe in downtown Madison for a very long time. I expect I’m not the only one. These businesses are going to struggle for a long time thanks to the deliberate inaction of their mayor and police department.

But several business owners and the head of a Downtown business organization said the disturbance at Coopers Tavern was not an isolated incident. They said Johnson and others entered multiple businesses on State Street on Monday and Tuesday, played loud music, called business owners racists, threatened to burn buildings, demanded free food and drinks and knocked over patio chairs and tables.


A number of business owners who spoke to a reporter were unwilling to be named or have their businesses identified for fear they or their businesses would face retribution from protesters. They said the government needs to do more to ensure State Street is safe and protect their businesses, including calling in the National Guard if needed.

Man Gets Beaten and Robbed By Rioters

At some point, some of these rioters are going to be shot by one of their victims. It will be completely justified, but they will twist it as if THEY are the victims.

Some individuals smashed the windows of his car, while a handful of others went after him and started beating him “into the ground.”

Protesters yelled at those beating him up to stop, saying, “That’s enough.” They called for a medic to come and help, but Mike got up and drove away in his car.

Mike said he has cuts on his hands, arms and upper lip. He also took “quite a few” blows to his head. He said there is swelling on several spots of his head and his jaw.

In the scuffle, someone stole his wallet and phone, Mike and Madison police said.

Madison police are asking for anyone with information on the incident to call Madison Area Crime Stoppers at (608) 266-6014.

Mike said even after the incident, he has no ill will toward the movement because “Black lives do matter.”

“I’m by no means against Black Lives Matter,” he said. “I definitely am against being beaten and robbed and having my car destroyed.”

Some individuals smashed the windows of his car, while a handful of others went after him and started beating him “into the ground.”

Protesters yelled at those beating him up to stop, saying, “That’s enough.” They called for a medic to come and help, but Mike got up and drove away in his car.

Mike said he has cuts on his hands, arms and upper lip. He also took “quite a few” blows to his head. He said there is swelling on several spots of his head and his jaw.

In the scuffle, someone stole his wallet and phone, Mike and Madison police said.

Madison police are asking for anyone with information on the incident to call Madison Area Crime Stoppers at (608) 266-6014.

Mike said even after the incident, he has no ill will toward the movement because “Black lives do matter.”

“I’m by no means against Black Lives Matter,” he said. “I definitely am against being beaten and robbed and having my car destroyed.”

Madison Mayor Ramps Up Appeasement

What a joke – an unfunny joke. 90% of the statement from Madison’s mayor is about how Madison is doing its best to appease the rioters as fast as possible. You elected this, Madison.

However, what happened last night in Madison was far from peaceful and exceeding dangerous. People attacked a State Senator who championed workers’ rights in 2011, tore down a statute of an abolitionist who died trying to end slavery during the Civil War, and attempted to set fire to a building with dozens of people inside. We need to separate First Amendment protests from those engaged in criminal conduct. People engaged in violence and criminal conduct against people or property on the streets of Madison will be held accountable.

Madison Police are involved in a wide-ranging investigation of activities that lead up to the arrest on the square yesterday and will have further information on this investigation when it is available. Officers are also investigating Sunday night hit and run involving a pick-up truck and a pedestrian.

People are asking for real, substantive changes, and the City is responding. The Council moved forward with the creation of an independent police auditor and an independent civilian police oversight committee, and we will continue to work to implement the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Task Force on Police Policy and Procedure. The Public Safety Review Committee and the City Attorney’s office are reviewing the Madison Police Department’s use of force policies, comparing them with the 8 can’t wait standards, the NAACP recommendations, and other best practices from around the country, and will make recommendations for any needed changes. Our Community and Economic Development divisions are working to develop programs and move funds to support wealth-building, housing assistance,small businesses and more in the Black community. Alders are exploring the mental health ambulance model and how to adapt it for Madison. My office is engaging with the question of how to reimagine public safety, and working to engage the community in all of these issues. At the State level, the Governor and Lt. Governor introduced a strong package of proposals around police reform and racial equity.

I’ll wager that there are zero arrests out of this.

Rioters Roll Through Madison

This wasn’t a protest. It was just rage. Our governor and Madison leaders are utterly failing to protect Wisconsin’s heritage and property.

Protesters tore down statues of Forward and a Union Civil War colonel, assaulted a state senator and set a small fire in a city building Downtown on Tuesday night after the arrest of a Black activist earlier in the day.


By early evening, protesters gathered outside the Dane County Jail, where Johnson is being held, and began marching Downtown. Roughly 300 protesters blocked traffic, yelling at drivers and telling them to join the demonstration. A few drivers drove through small crowds of protesters, leaving at least one man injured.

Organizers stood on top of a tow truck, vowing that the night would not be peaceful.


“This is not a peaceful protest, so if you came out here for a peaceful protest, you missed it,” one organizer said. “We’re done being peaceful. Now we demanding justice.”

Protesters set their sights on another statue, one of Col. Hans Christian Heg at the top of King Street, tore it down and dragged it into Lake Monona. Heg was a Norwegian immigrant and journalist who died of his wounds at the Battle of Chickamauga fighting to preserve the United States and end slavery.


Protesters set a small fire on one of the windows of the City-County Building Downtown, which also houses the Madison Police Department’s Downtown station. A group shattered the front entrance windows of the Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership, which houses several state offices, and others knocked down street cameras or spray painted over the lenses.


Some protesters punched State Sen. Tim Carpenter, D-Milwaukee, in the face after the lawmaker tried taking a picture, according to multiple reporters on the scene. Carpenter had been headed to the Capitol to get some work done late Tuesday evening when he was attacked.

Evers’ record(ings)

Here is my full column that ran in the Washington County Daily News on Tuesday. Since I wrote this, there have been some very serious developments and it looks more and more like Evers might be covering up for a felon. I wonder… the Dane County DA and AG won’t investigate, but couldn’t the Jefferson or Racine County DAs (or wherever Vos and Fitzgerald were when they took the call)?

After the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down Governor Tony Evers’ unconstitutional lockdown order, our state government leaders needed to figure out what, if anything, the state should do in its continuing effort to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Dutifully, Governor Evers and the two leaders of the Legislature, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, got on a phone call to discuss the path forward. What the legislative leaders did not know what that Governor Evers’ staff secretly recorded the conversation for dubious reasons and then released the recording to the media. Such a breach of trust, and his reaction to it, tells us a lot about our governor.

The rough details of the transgression are known. There were five participants in the call: Governor Evers, Speaker Vos, Majority Leader Fitzgerald, Evers’ Chief of Staff Maggie Gau, and Evers’ attorney Ryan Nilsestuen. The call was recorded and given to the media. Vos and Fitzgerald were shocked to learn that it was recorded. Evers claimed that he did not know it was being recorded, but wouldn’t say who did it. Gau and Nilsestuen have not admitted to anything.

Wisconsin law allows a call to be legally recorded if one participant of the call knows. The law does not require that all participants be notified that the call is being recorded, but it is considered both impolite and unethical to not make such a disclosure. However, if one of Evers’ other non-participant staffers recorded the call, it would be a crime. Since Evers will not disclose who recorded the call, he is either covering up for a staffer’s unethical behavior, crime, or both. What does all of this tell us about Governor Evers? Quite a bit. If we believe that Evers is telling the truth that he was ignorant of the recording, then he does not have any control over his staff. Whether a CEO, general, governor, or any other person of great responsibility, it would be unthinkable for a staff member to record the boss’ phone call with other leaders without the boss’ knowledge and consent. If Evers truly did not know, then he is not managing his staff. They are managing him.

Further, Evers’ refusal to disclose or discipline the perpetrator tells us more about him. It tells us that he is either afraid to hold his staff accountable for bad behavior, or he condones it. Recall that we do not yet know if the perpetrator committed a crime or merely violated ethical boundaries. Either way, Evers is allowing staff members to run rogue with no consequences.

Whether Evers knew or just condoned his staff’s recording of the call, it also shows that his administration is willing to use slimy tactics for political gain – even on an official call that was supposed to be about working together to respond to a pandemic. They recorded the call and released it to the media in an effort to embarrass political opponents. Despite the Evers administration’s claims of innocent motives, the results speak for themselves. Look at what they do — not what they say.

Finally, since the disclosure of the recording, Governor Evers has not seen fit to apologize to Vos and Fitzgerald for recording their conversation. He may have not known that the call was being recorded at the time, but he knows it now. His stubborn refusal to even do the simple mannerly thing and apologize for the breach of trust shows his inability, or unwillingness, to build relationships with people with whom he disagrees politically. His lifetime as a bureaucrat has not equipped him with the skills and he lacks the natural acumen to develop personal relationships outside his rigid ideological sphere.

After almost a year-and-a-half in office, Governor Evers has not made any progress in learning how to govern in a divided government. He has lurched from insults to partisan attacks to cursing to violating trusts. Is it any wonder why he resorts to unconstitutional dictatorial actions instead of working with the Legislature on behalf of the people of Wisconsin?

Blue Flu Hits Atlanta

Perhaps the communities and the Mayor should have kept their commitment to the police who serve them.

The police department said an unusual number of officers working the late shift had called out sick. The mayor said the city would be OK.
“There’s a lot happening in our cities and our police officers are receiving the brunt of it, quite frankly,” Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. She said the city has committed to the officers through a big pay raise, and “we expect that our officers will keep their commitment to our communities.”
She said she thinks morale is down tenfold.
“We do have enough officers to cover us through the night,” she said. “Our streets won’t be any less safe because of the number of officers who called out. But it is just my hope again that our officers will remember the commitment that they made when they held up their hand and they were sworn in as police officers.”

Madison City Council Denies Funding for Non-Lethal Tools for Police

I guess the council prefers that the police either allow rioters to loot or use lethal force to stop them. What an idiotic act of virtue signaling that will make it more difficult for police to handle situations without using lethal force.

The Madison City Council on Tuesday unanimously blocked the police department’s request to use $50,000 for certain weapons, including projectile launchers that were used against local protesters.


The projectile launchers, which a police spokesman said fire sponge rounds, were used against protesters during the unrest and looting Downtown that occurred on May 30 and 31, acting police Chief Vic Wahl said in a June 2 blog post.

Ald. Max Prestigiacomo, 8th District, who proposed the amendment to prevent funding the launchers, said standing against the tools was “showing solidarity with those protesters.”


Funding for the launchers was part of a resolution that would have moved $125,000 in unused police funds to purchase and install a generator at the East District Police Station for $75,000 and purchase the less-lethal equipment for $50,000. The other equipment would have included Tasers, ammunition and training for new instructors, Wahl said in a statement.

The amended resolution approved Tuesday left the funding for the generator, but took out the funding for the weapons.

Business Owner in CHAZistan Calls Police… Nobody Comes

My heart breaks for this business owner, but he also says that he supports the protesters. Is this a case of him reaping what he helped sow? Anyway, read how the “enlightened” behavior of the residents of CHAZ really manifests.

McDermott said he got a call Sunday after the suspect smashed a window and got inside his business.

“Broke into the building, set fire to the front counter,” McDermott said.

He and his son said the suspect put hand sanitizer all over a cassette tape, pulled out the film, and put hand sanitizer all over it as well as the counter – then lit it all on fire.

McDermott said they walked in right after the fire was lit and managed to quickly snuff it out.

His son, Mason McDermott, said he saw the suspect taking off from the south side of the building.

“I chased him down and a s soon as I came face to face, he came at me so I put him on the ground,” Mason McDermott said. He said he had the suspect pinned while his dad repeatedly called 911.

“At some point he tried to cut me with a box cutter,” Mason said. He pointed to a large rip on his jeans from where the knife cut just his pants.

McDermott said he kept trying to call 911

“I’m told 19 times,” he said. “They alluded they were sending someone… finally said they weren’t going to send somebody,” McDermott said.

“I don’t know what to expect next. If you can’t call the police department, you can’t call the fire department to respond, what do you have?” McDermott said. “Heartbroken. I mean, they are the cavalry,” he said.

He said while they had the suspect detained, protesters rushed over and demanded they let the suspect go.

“It was either that, or they were coming over and it was going to turn into mayhem beyond mayhem,” McDermott said.

Still – protesters knocked over their fence and rushed inside the lot at Car Tender. Multiple videos on YouTube and Twitter show that moment. Some protesters rush up to McDermott while others try to hold them back and get them off the property.

Video of Atlanta Shooting

Here’s video from a few different angles of the events leading up to, and after, the shooting that was put together by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

One question I had was whether or not the police had already searched him for weapons before he ran. They had not, so the police did not know when he turned around to shoot the stolen Taser whether it was actually the Taser, or some other weapon that the man had produced. All the officers knew was that the man was drunk, fought them, was running, and pointed back at them.

What I do see is a couple of cops who were respectful, sympathetic, polite, and reasonable during the arrest. The victim initiated the violence and ran. He was definitely drunk, but might have had other drugs in his system too. The autopsy will tell us that, but it’s not really material. We don’t know why he ran. It seems like an odd choice given the relative banality of the arrest and the charge.

With the full benefit of hindsight, I do not think that the officer should have discharged his weapon. The man was running with a non-lethal weapon and was not an immediate deadly threat to anyone but himself. But in the seconds that the officer has to make that determination without the benefit of knowing what the victim did not have another weapon and was not a threat, I can’t fault the officer for his decision. You will also notice that there were a couple of African-American supervisors on the scene afterwards and did not seem to think that there was anything racially charged about the tragic events. I expect that if the victim were white, the same result would have occurred.

San Francisco Police Won’t Respond to Non-Violent Crimes

So if someone steals your car, steals your identity, robs your house, runs off with gas, or whatever, you’re on your own. Unless you can afford private security, I don’t know why any law-abiding person would live in this city anymore.

Additionally, the city’s police with no longer respond to calls that are non-violent in nature, with the city promising to develop a better system to deal with these kind of calls over the next year.

Biden Stiffs Family of Man he Helped Kill for 20 Years

The whole Biden family is full of some really scummy people.

Joe Biden‘s brother wriggled out of paying some of the $1 million in compensation he owes the family of a young father killed in a horrific car crash more than 20 years ago – after creditors found just $29.16 in his bank account, can reveal.

Frank Biden has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from a series of executive positions he’s held at firms that appear to trade heavily on his family name – and is currently the pitchman for a large Florida law firm.

He also lives with partner Mindy in a smart $600,000 four-bed, four bath house in a gated community overlooking a golf course in upmarket Atlantis, Florida and the couple drive contrasting $40,000 black and white Range Rovers.

But when attorney John F. Hayter, representing the family of single dad Michael Albano who died tragically in 1999 leaving two orphaned daughters behind, garnished Biden’s Wells Fargo bank account in February, he found it almost empty.


Biden, 66, hasn’t paid a cent of the cash he owes the Albano family despite him having defaulted on a lawsuit filed against him for the death.

However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel for the Albanos as can reveal that the businessman has finally made contact with the family’s lawyer.

It’s the first time scofflaw Biden has made any contact with the Albanos – albeit through an attorney – having actively ignored repeated court orders and written requests to pay up over the past 20 years.

Chronic Drunk Drivers Being Released Early

I guess we can’t get too outraged. These are, after all, the non-violent offenders that Democrats don’t think should be locked up at all.

Since 2020, state law has required judges to impose a three-year minimum sentence for a seventh, eighth or ninth drunk driving offense and four years for a 10th offense. However, a FOX6 investigation found many such offenders are getting out of prison early. Some, very early.

“They’re not being deterred from their behavior whatsoever,” said Borowski.

A detailed analysis by the FOX6 Investigators found that, of the nearly 200 drivers in Wisconsin charged with a seventh OWI or more in 2018, at least 43 have already been released. Most of them are middle-aged, while men who served less than 40% of their sentence.


One law says judges shall impose a three-year minimum sentenced, but another law says judges shall release inmates as soon as they’ve completed a substance abuse program.

“We’ve always been led to believe, in fact, told by the DOC, that they’re not going to get into that program until maybe they’ve served two years,” Borowski said.

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections says the number of inmates eligible for earned release is down, so some inmates are enrolling in treatment shortly after intake. And with prison admissions suspended due to COVID-19, the wait will only get shorter. That means some inmates could be in and out of prison in just a few months.

Less Police. More Crime.

Interesting insight from 2018.

BALTIMORE – Just before a wave of violence turned Baltimore into the nation’s deadliest big city, a curious thing happened to its police force: officers suddenly seemed to stop noticing crime.

Police officers reported seeing fewer drug dealers on street corners. They encountered fewer people who had open arrest warrants.

Police questioned fewer people on the street. They stopped fewer cars.

In the space of just a few days in spring 2015 – as Baltimore faced a wave of rioting after Freddie Gray, a black man, died from injuries he suffered in the back of a police van – officers in nearly every part of the city appeared to turn a blind eye to everyday violations. They still answered calls for help. But the number of potential violations they reported seeing themselves dropped by nearly half. It has largely stayed that way ever since.

“What officers are doing is they’re just driving looking forward. They’ve got horse blinders on,” says Kevin Forrester, a retired Baltimore detective.

The surge of shootings and killings that followed has left Baltimore easily the deadliest large city in the United States. Its murder rate reached an all-time high last year; 342 people were killed. The number of shootings in some neighborhoods has more than tripled. One man was shot to death steps from a police station. Another was killed driving in a funeral procession.

Here is where the crime stats will mislead you. If the police are gone or just look the other way, then the crime stats will show a decline in crime rates. After all, if an assault happens and the police are never involved, it will never show up on a report. That doesn’t mean that the crime didn’t happen. It just means that it wasn’t reported.

That’s where tracking homicides becomes one of the only barometers of the overall violent crime rate. When someone is killed by another person as a result of an assault, accidentally, or otherwise, it is counted. The other stat that one would have to look to is hospitalizations for gunshot or other wounds caused by violence. The hooker who is bludgeoned by her pimp might not show up on a crime report, but she will still show up with a hospital admission.

In the absence of police or customary police enforcement, we have to look to other data to understand the level of crime happening in our communities. The crime stats given by law enforcement are useless.

Minneapolis to Abolish Police

This won’t end well. I think I’ll avoid the Twin Cities for a while. And as this sweeps through other cities, crime will rise and innocents will suffer.

A majority of Minneapolis City Council has pledged to dismantle the local police department, a significant move amid nationwide protests sparked by George Floyd’s death last month.

Nine of the 13 councillors said a “new model of public safety” would be created in a city where law enforcement has been accused of racism.


Ms Bender said details of the overhaul plan needed to be discussed further, adding that she would try to shift police funding towards community based strategies.

Meanwhile, councillor Alondra Cano tweeted that “a veto-proof majority” in the council had agreed that the city police department “is not reformable and that we’re going to end the current policing system”.