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0752, 07 Nov 23

Toyota Launches Bargain Truck

This would sell like hotcakes in America.

Compared to the features of the Corolla sedan, Toyota’s entry-level model in the United States, the IMV 0 is in an entirely different universe. Forget LED headlights, power windows and door locks, or standard adaptive cruise control. The IMV 0 doesn’t even have any trim on the A-pillar. The instrument cluster dial that would normally show engine RPM is just a big blank circle. It doesn’t even have a shift light. Then again, the 2024 Corolla starts at $22,995. The IMV 0/Hilux Champ will be the equivalent of about $10,000 when it launches in Thailand.


0752, 07 November 2023

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  1. dad29

    There is a VERY hot Hilux market all around the world. If you can find one that runs here in the USA, you can sell it for boucoup dollarismos overseas.

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