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2034, 30 Oct 23

Congressman Pocan Comes Out In Support of Antisemites

Good for Wisconsin Right Now for catching this.

Pocan wrote, “Apologies for my ill-informed colleague from WI… He doesn’t speak for us. @derrickvanorden’s bigoted religious rhetoric is his own. Wisconsin is better than him.” He also trashed Van Orden as not really being from Wisconsin when, actually, Van Orden lives on a farm in the La Crosse area of Wisconsin. He and his wife opened a cafe in Butternut, Wisconsin.


It should be noted that what the buffoonish Pocan labels “bigoted religious rhetoric” was Van Orden criticizing anti-Semitism.


He was responding to a tweet that Van Orden wrote that said, “There is no place in congress for antisemites. This woman is supporting a terrorist organization under the guise of humanitarianism.”


2034, 30 October 2023


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