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2034, 29 Oct 23

Congress Considers Splitting Aid for Israel and Ukraine

Yes. More of this. I’m sick of the omnibus approach to governing. Take each issue as a standalone bill. The war in Ukraine is completely different than that in Israel. Different causes. Different consequences. Different combatants. They should not be linked.

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers are increasingly split over whether to tie foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel together in one congressional package, revealing the significant hurdles any new military assistance legislation or foreign aid has in Congress.


House Republicans are teed up to push through standalone legislation providing assistance to Israel sometime this week, House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., said on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”


While there are “lots of things going on around the world,” Johnson said, “what’s happening in Israel takes the immediate attention.”

A top House Republican, Rep.  R-Texas, chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told “Fox News Sunday” he also thought Israel and Ukraine aid should be taken up in separate packages.


“I think what we want to do is really because the need is so urgent now in Israel, is to start with Israel first … as a separate measure,” McCaul said.


2034, 29 October 2023


  1. Craig List

    I’ll see you, and raise you: each standalone bill should also contain an equal amount of money for securing the southern border. 50/50 isn’t America First, but it’s way better than what we’re getting right now. It’s a win-win for our side; we either keep our money, or we get a more secure border. Put the Dems in the hot seat.

  2. MjM

    …. the U.S. Department of the Treasury said it will be looking to borrow $776 billion in the final three months of the year, which is below the $1.01 trillion in privately held marketable debt the department borrowed in the July-through-September period, the highest ever for that particular quarter.

    The Treasury said it expects to borrow $816 billion during the January-through-March period, which is the government’s fiscal second quarter.

    The Monday announcement comes 10 days after the government said the fiscal 2023 budget deficit would be about $1.7 trillion. That was an increase of some $320 billion from the prior year.

    Simply stop all the funding of terrorists and use 1/4 of that amount to pay for backing Israel.

  3. dad29

    stop all the funding of terrorists

    You mean college faculties, right?

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