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0938, 30 Sep 23

Deflect and Disarm

I see that the Justice Department found their fall guy for leaking Trump’s tax records so that they can maintain a fig leaf of objectivity for the ignorant.

The Justice Department announced on Friday charges against a Washington, D.C., IRS consultant for allegedly leaking tax information associated with former President Donald Trump and thousands of other wealthy individuals to two separate news organizations.


38-year-old Charles Littlejohn was charged via a criminal information with one count of unauthorized disclosure of tax returns and return information — indicating he is likely set to plead guilty to the charge.


The criminal information notes that while he worked at the IRS as a government contractor, he stole information associated with an unnamed high-ranking government official and disclosed it to a news organization. He also stole tax information from “thousands of the nation’s wealthiest individuals and disclosed that information to a separate news organization,” the Justice Department says.



0938, 30 September 2023


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