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1925, 28 Sep 23

“Unemployment happens here first”

The technology to automate almost every fast food job is getting cheaper and cheaper. And tech doesn’t come in late. It doesn’t whine about the patriarchy. It doesn’t have body odor. It doesn’t steal from you. It just works. And if the customer gets a good burger with a lower risk of someone having spit in it… all the better.

(Reuters) -Fast-food workers in California will earn a minimum of $20 an hour and have a greater say in setting workplace standards under a new bill signed into law on Thursday by Governor Gavin Newsom.


“The future happens here first,” Newsom said at an event in Los Angeles, with labor officials and fast-food workers flanking him.


The legislation emerged as part of a broader compromise in which fast-food companies agreed to remove a 2024 ballot referendum asking voters to repeal a law aimed at improving wages and working conditions for employees.


Labor unions, meanwhile, dropped their push to hold fast-food corporations liable for violations committed by their franchisees.

The median fast-food worker in the U.S. earned $13.43 an hour in 2022, while those in California made an average of $16.60 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The new minimum, which takes effect in April, equates to an annual salary of $41,600.


1925, 28 September 2023

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  1. Mar

    ““The future happens here first,” ”
    Well, New some is right.
    Riots, homelessness, drugs, poop filled streets, crime, businesses closing, people fleeing the state, horrible education, child abuse, gas prices, high taxes, high cost of living etc.

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