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0755, 18 Sep 23

Hunter Seeks to Bully Whistleblowers

Again it must be noted how the Bidens are on both sides of all of these machinations. It’s theater.

Hunter Biden has sued the Internal Revenue Service over claims agents illegally released his tax returns.


President Joe Biden‘s son claims the agency violated his privacy by unlawfully disclosing his records to members of Congress and to the news media.




It targets two IRS whistleblowers who testified to Congress about the income  Hunter received from his work with a Ukrainian gas company and their concerns about how Hunter was getting special treatment due to his last name.


0755, 18 September 2023

1 Comment

  1. Jason

    Ironic that Hunter is in effect suing his dad’s staff.

    I just heard that Hunter Biden and Jim Biden have nearly 150 SAR’s filed and that President Joe is blocking any sharing of them with anyone.

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