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0740, 09 Sep 23

Teacher’s Union Boss Sends Kids to Private School

Ever notice how the people responsible for destroying our quality of life are walling off their own lives from the devastation?

The president of Chicago Teachers Union has sent her eldest son to a private school in the city, it has emerged – a month after she called those who supported school choice ‘fascists’.


Stacy Davis Gates, who in 2018 tweeted that private schools were ‘segregation academies’, enrolled her son 14 year-old son Kevin this term in a Catholic school. Her younger two children attend a Chicago public elementary school.


When critics accused her of hypocrisy, she said that she was doing the best for her son, because public schools in her neighborhood were poor quality.


0740, 09 September 2023


  1. dad29

    Yah, and while we’re at it, the Capitol is not a holy temple either, no matter what the swamp-creatures think.

  2. Merlin

    Comrades in good standing with the party receive, uh, privileges not available to their lessers. The fact that you noticed means you deplorables aren’t working hard enough. Get back to work.

  3. dad29

    Not exactly a country dacha or an Aurus Senat, but ……..maybe next year!

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