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0656, 14 Aug 23

Biden Brushes off Question about Deadly Fire in Hawaii

C’mon, man.

The 80-year-old was seen reclining on a sun lounger on Rehoboth Beach, near his holiday home in the state. Earlier, he attended mass at St. Edmond’s Catholic Church in the resort town.


As Biden left the beach, the White House correspondent for Bloomberg asked for his response to the wildfires that have killed 96 people.


‘No comment,’ the president replied.


0656, 14 August 2023


  1. Mark Hoefert

    Stilton’s Place – State of Disaster

    This fellow used to do the “Hope ‘n Change” cartoon back in the Obama days. In the past he had written several columns about Hawaii – while he did not necessarily predict this exact scenario, he has commented on the Democratic state of affairs in Hawaii, and lack of preparedness and responses. Stilton had family in that state, so had the opportunity to visit and observe.

    I can see the need for “no comment” – better than shining a light on how things are run in Hawaii.

  2. Merlin

    That beach is Joe’s safe space. No teleprompter or puppeteer’s voice in his ear at the beach.

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