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1731, 23 Jul 23

Oppenheimer Review

I saw Oppenheimer today and thought it was a truly excellent movie. As is always the case when trying to cover so much in the confines of a movie, it left out some things and consolidated others, but it was very well done.

The treatment of the nuanced and weighty issues of pacifism, communism, MCCarthyism (go Wisconsin!), and the horrors of war was superb. Interlaced with those issues were the story lines of love, infidelity, bureaucracy, egotism, interpersonal conflicts, political swampiness, revenge, aging, bigotry, and massive accomplishment. It dealt thoughtfully with some of the controversial issues like whether or not we should have dropped the bomb, the Red Scare, and the nuclear arms race.

Go see it. It’s worth the three hours.


1731, 23 July 2023


  1. Jason

    Worthy of IMAX or ? We’ve all seen as much of Florence Pugh that’s needed… What about the rest of the cinematography?

  2. Owen

    Cinematography was great. No need for IMAX except for perhaps a couple of specific scenes (explosions). Storyline starts out jumpy between timeliness, but settles down. Acting is fantastic.

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