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0804, 22 Jul 23

AI Mimics Dead Loved Ones

No. It strikes me that people would be far better off working through their grief than pretending that their loved one is alive through a bot. Death is the natural end of us all and it is unhealthy to pretend that it doesn’t exist.

What does the future of grief and loss look like? An AI company called You, Only Virtual is creating chatbots modeled after deceased loved ones, with its founder, Justin Harrison, telling “Good Morning America” that he hopes people won’t have to feel grief at all.


You, Only Virtual scans text messages, emails and phone calls shared between an individual and the deceased person to create a chatbot that composes original written or audio responses mimicking the deceased person’s voice and modeling the relationship and rapport that the two shared in life.

The company, founded in 2020, hopes to offer a video-chat option later this year, “and ultimately provide augmented-reality that allows for interaction with a three-dimensional projection,” GMA reported.


0804, 22 July 2023


  1. dad29

    Well, Owen……….if you can be a girl, your spouse can be un-dead. Catch up with the times, man!

  2. MjM

    ” You absolutely don’t need consent from someone who’s dead,” he said. “My mom could’ve hated the idea, but this is what I wanted and I’m alive.”

    At least the inventor admits his mommy knew he is a narcissistic creep.

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