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2106, 05 Jun 23

FBI Continues to Run Cover for Biden Crime Family

Our FBI is a deeply corrupt institution.

According to a ‘highly credible’ whistleblower, an internal FD-1023 memo created in 2020 based off information from a highly-paid FBI informant apparently details a $5 million ‘arrangement’ for an exchange of money for policy decisions between then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national.


The leaders of the House Oversight Committee were granted access by the FBI Monday to view the redacted FD-1023 form in a secure facility within the Capitol. But it did not satisfy Republicans who are moving forward with contempt of Congress charges against FBI Director Chris Wray for failing to turn over the document in its entirety.




Rep. Anna Paulina Luna also said Monday that the FBI is afraid the informant would be ‘killed’ if their identity is revealed.


‘Just left meeting for House Oversight. The FBI is afraid their informant will be killed if unmasked, based on the info he has brought forward about the Biden family,’ she stated in a tweet.


The Republicans issued a subpoena for the FD-1023 form last month and FBI Director Chris Wray was given a hard deadline of May 30 to hand over the unclassified document, which he did not comply with.


After reviewing the document Monday, Comer told reporters the accusations contained in the form ‘suggests a pattern of bribery’ consistent with findings the committee has put out publicly.


It’s called ‘money laundering,’ he said, saying it fits within the pattern of over $1 million in Romanian-linked payments to the Biden family revealed last month.


2106, 05 June 2023


  1. Merlin

    Yeah, let’s blame the FBI.

    Why are cameras and microphones not in Barak Obama’s face asking what he knew about Old Joe’s corruption and when he knew it? Seems like Obama either knew his White House was for sale or he didn’t. If he did, why didn’t he do anything about it? And why did he then support the corrupt fuck for President?

    If he didn’t know, he’s still got some explaining to do. Just how possible is it for the FBI to do its job if it’s run by political hacks working for corrupt office holders? The FBI knew. The DOJ knew. Convince us Obama didn’t know. Start questioning those at the top of the dung pile for a change.

  2. Jason

    What we know so far about this is far more concrete and far more damning than the Steele dossier… But let’s keep it quiet media… And FBI, let’s keep stonewalling it.

  3. dad29

    Alternative theory: FBI is trying to protect the Obozo Legacy. Remember that Biden committed treason while VP to Obozo. Think Ol’ Barky didn’t KNOW about that?

  4. Merlin

    In a recent interview by Jen Psaki, James Comey affirmed that the President as head of the Executive Branch has the authority to direct the actions (or inaction) of the DoJ and the FBI. Comey said he fears a second term of Donald Trump would bring a reign of political and legal retribution to him and others. It was both an excuse for his past actions/inactions and a hope for avoiding penance. He’s right, of course. Being a consigliere to a major political mafia family is not without risk. These people are soulless.

  5. MjM

    Comey said he fears a second term of Donald Trump would bring a reign of political and legal retribution to him and others.

    That would probably happen with any Repub prez to some degree. Trump would make it a top priority, obviously. DeSantis probably just a priority of many. But it would depend on who is put in top spots of the DOJ and FBI.

    Or not.

    It was Trump who picked Wray in 2017. Given the entrenched leftism of both agencies, even hard-nosed true-to-the-law Mr. Cleans would have a hard time clearing out the mold in all the nooks and crannies.

    And mold never sleeps.

  6. MHMaley

    The “what about’s ‘conveniently forget that your guy did it , deliberately and admitted he did it .. on tape

    His lawyers passed on arguing that by thinking about it all the documents were no longer classified

    This is an layup for the Feds . Even his own lawyers took notes as he asked them to commit criminal acts .

    Sorry gents , your boy is going down and we haven’t heard yet on the “ just find me 11,000 votes phone call in Georgia “

    But at least you have non lawyer Jim Jordan doing the Lord’s work making a fool of himself losing witness’s on the day of announced big reveals ..

  7. dad29

    Maley shows bravado without knowing the difference between ‘classified documents’ and ‘documents with classified markings’. This will be a learning opportunity for him, but I don’t have much hope that he’ll take that opportunity.

    Not to mention Maley has no f’n idea what Trump actually said–or did not say– and showed–or did not show– at Bedminster.

    It’s also a good opportunity for Maley to learn about the Presidential Records Act!

  8. MHMaley

    Bill Barr said if Trump did half of what he’s accused of : He’s toast .
    I assume he knows the difference between
    the two types of classification , possibly even better than Dad 29

    Paul – BMO called in a $9 million loan on Stritch and that caused the bankruptcy

    Update : I left CSU for a HS Head coaching job job 2 weeks before the HS season started

    That HS team won the State Championship in March

  9. dad29

    Barr may also know about the Presidential Records Act.

    This whole thing is poison-politics, which is why Barr (a proven liar) used the word “IF” in his statement. His job is to throw as much foofoo dust in the air as possible with the objective of making Trump un-electable.

    But in the last 3 days, Trump’s ratings have gone up, fast. Looks like Liar Barr will have to beg for a new assignment from his masters in the CIA/FBI.

  10. Merlin

    >This is an layup for the Feds .

    Nope, not this time. Indictments are unchallenged allegations that need to be proven. Attempting to misuse the law to gain blatant political advantage just guarantees SCOTUS involvement and recent years events show they loathe such misuse of the law.

    Smith is opening one of the biggest cans of worms the country has ever seen trying to legally challenge a president’s authority to determine classification of documents or information, and a president’s authority to convey such information as he/she sees fit.

    Governmental lawfare isn’t about obtaining convictions. It’s all about inflicting enough battle damage to encourage political opponents to retire from the fight. Kinda like clubbing baby seals.

  11. Merlin

    >Barr may also know about the Presidential Records Act.

    What Barr knows or doesn’t know means little. Barr has admitted having intimate knowledge of the FBI’s CHS reporting documents credibly accusing Joe Biden of accepting a $5M foreign bribe while Vice President. This was back in mid-2020 while Barr was still AG, yet Barr did nothing with it. Why?

    Barr has strict convictions regarding post-presidential handling of classified information… but none regarding a thoroughly compromised vice president with dreams of wearing the crown himself? I don’t recall Barr making the Sunday morning talk show circuit crying about threats to the republic posed by massive public corruption he knew to be present. He possessed the authority and responsibility to act and he did not do so. People need to stop citing Bill Barr as a credible voice.

  12. MHMaley

    The issue isn’t Trumps ratings in June the year before the election .

    None of the other what about candidates both Republican and Democrat refused to turn over the documents. when requested , repeatedly refused , moved the documents and none contained marked classified security information .

    None showed classified documents of any kind to civilians or stated that” they were classified , and that I could have declassified them but didn’t” .. on tape .

    None had their own lawyers keep notes because their client was asking them to take actions that could get the. disbarred that will be entered into evidence .

    All the rest is word salad that curiously has been replaced with the phrase “these are serious charges by GOP politicians that want nothing of Trumps troubles sticking to them

    Jonathan Turley said “ Trump lawyers have to “stick the landing on 37 charges” .

    The former President better pay those folks promptly because that will be Hall of fame lawyering

  13. dad29

    Blah, blah, blah. Presidential Records Act.

    So, Maley, you actually SAW what Trump waved around? You actually SAW that another person was able to read the document? Those are the elements of the crime–and as you may know, a criminal conviction demands ‘beyond the shadow of a doubt’ certainty.

    As to ‘the other candidates,’ Hillary destroyed the records with BleachBit and a hammer. Bai-Den had SCI docs in his garage, and even worse, in a U Penn office accessible by ChiCom agents who worked in the same office. And it only took him……ohhhhh……….4-10 years or so to “remember” that they existed. I’m sure you know that Bai-Den did not have the power to de-classify them, either.

    The charges brought by the shady DoJ lawyer against Trump are word-smithed very well. But they are nothing when you get to the substance, except to the deluded sheep who vote Democrat.

    One more thing: how did the DoJ/Nat’l Archives KNOW with certainty that the letters from Obama and Kim-Il-Jung referred to ‘nuclear’ and ‘national security’ matters?

    Well, we know for certain that the Obama letter combined both elements and—gee whiz–the woman who WROTE the Obama letter happens to be a Biden Admin figure. So why is SHE yapping about “highly sensitive top secret” docs at this late date?

  14. Merlin

    Lisa Monaco. Since 2009.

  15. MjM

    MuhMaley moos: “ None of the other what about candidates both Republican and Democrat refused to turn over the documents. when requested ”

    When you have the DOJ and the FBI already in your pocket it’s no surprise that the DOJ calls the FBI off the search for your illegally-held documents, and allows your lawyers to do it instead.

  16. MHMaley

    The fBI reopened the investigation into Hillary 2 weeks before the election ..

    Let’s see if the President’s lawyers win with Dad’s “you don’t know what your” talking about defense “

    Remember , they have to go 37 for 37 .. That’s Pete Rose and Joe DiMaggio rare air .

    i seem to remember the last time his lawyers went 0-68 on legal challenges and the quality of his representation hasn’t gotten better .

    Trump isn’t even paying his own social
    media site .

    My advice -to his lawyers . get paid up front .

  17. dad29

    they have to go 37 for 37

    Unless the charges are tossed out by a competent judge.

    By the way, he’ll be elected President before the trial ends…..

  18. Merlin

    So… the source of Biden’s Ukrainian millions is Burisma Holdings founder Mykola Zlochevsky, who is believed by the United States intelligence community to be an asset of Russia’s SVR. A sitting Vice President was bribed by a Russian spy to influence the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating criminal activity of Burma Holdings. Ten million over two years.

    FBI knows all about it (and has since 2015). DoJ knows. Congress knows. Still not the lead story on the evening news, is it? Not being mentioned by the MSM at all. A thinking person might wonder why a matter with paramount national security implications is receiving a near total news blackout.

  19. MHMaley

    What did Jeff Session’s and Bill Barr do about the Biden reports everyone “ knew about” from 2016 – 2020 ?

    The networks can’t indict but those 2 could have .. but didn’t ? Why?

    I assume that if this were common knowledge
    that the current President at the time asked Jeff and Bill to do the right thing .. and his bidding .He certainly did in other matters

    Why didn’t they move upon his request ?

    That’s the problem with all the “What about’s .

    The guy did it to himself and his acolytes can’t admit that he did it , he admitted it and he’s going down for it .

    Joe will go down too .. if there’s any evidence that he did it – like the tapes that we’ve been told about breathlessly by a GOP Senator but yet haven’t been leaked in a city that leaks anything and everything .

    When he’s indicted for a tape requesting the Ex State of Georgia to “find him 11,000 votes .. what’s the excuse going to be then ?

    Hillary ? Biden ? Biden’s kid ?

    Yep. they all made him say it .. repeatedly .

    As for him being elected again I’ll take the under . He’s 0-3 in the last 3 elections .

    and possibly 0-3 in court cases eventually because he can’t shut up .

    What could be more of a nightmare for a defense lawyer . Your client refuses to listen and probably will stiff you on the fee .

  20. MHMaley

    BTW- thanks Owen .

  21. dad29

    …..and Ukraine will win the GLorious War!

  22. Merlin

    I’d happily settle for equal application of the law, but it’s not going to happen. We’re too far gone already.

  23. Merlin

    > What did Jeff Session’s and Bill Barr do about the Biden reports everyone “ knew about” from 2016 – 2020 ?

    Not everyone knew, but those in positions of authority and responsibility sure did and failed to act. Trump tried to push an investigation into Biden/Burisma and it resulted in an impeachment. Even tried running a parallel independent investigation with old Rudy G. because DoJ wanted no part of it. That just pissed off the swamp critters even more. Trump was threatening too many side hustles. Right, wrong, or otherwise, he had to go.

  24. dad29

    Trump was threatening too many side hustles.


    Sessions wasn’t in office long enough to find the executive mens’ room.

    Barr is a jackwad hypocrite who–like Biden–sells his “Catholicism” to cover a large pit of sins. Shall we begin with Ruby Ridge?

  25. MHMaley

    When Barr gave Trump a Pass on the Mueller report , he was a Champion for Justice .

    Now that he says the evidence is overwhelming , he’s a jack wad hypocrite ?

    Who’s the hypocrite here ?

    The post about Biden selling his Catholicism made me LOO .

    Evangelicals who hate the sin but love the sinner tie themselves into knots trying to defend their favorite President’s behavior .

    Being a Catholic candidate and being asked about unchecked sexual predation , , deliberate coverup and stalling if paying victims and shuffling of pedophiles doesn’t sound to me like much of an advantage for a politico

    C’mon Merlin , Trump has always wanted to punish his enemies and is promising to do so if re- elected .

    Imagine if you will a universe where he was NOT told about tapes that everyone knew about that allow him to own liberal Joe Biden .?

    I can’t .

    If there are tapes , Joe’s toast .

    Just admit that the same is true of Trump in both this case and on the Georgia call and we’ll
    both be happy with the justice that those events will bring . to crooks on both sides .

  26. dad29

    You are truly an ignoramus. Barr did not give Trump “a pass” on the Mueller fiction. It was obvious that there was no ‘there’ there; Barr couldn’t proceed based on nothing.

    But Biden is doing so!!

    Barr’s position happens to be in direct conflict with the text of Article II. He knows that, of course, but he’s hoping that people like you–ignorant–will not notice as he runs a high hard one past the plate. It’s likely that the “Espionage Act” will be declared un-Consitutional on this case alone. Look up “unitary executive” some day.

    But by then, Trump will be in office and the audio tapes of Biden selling out our country will be played at his trial for treason.

  27. Merlin

    >C’mon Merlin , Trump has always wanted to punish his enemies and is promising to do so if re- elected .

    Yep. We passed the last exit awhile ago. Next stop is the bottom of the cliff.

    >But by then, Trump will be in office and the audio tapes of Biden selling out our country will be played at his trial for treason.

    If it looks like the lawfare won’t work, Trump’s Secret Service detail is going to have to be awfully good between now and another inauguration day.

    Joe Biden will never be found competent to stand trial… if he even lives that long. He already appears to be on the backend of his dementia. Justice won’t even get an opportunity to be done.

  28. dad29

    Joe Biden will never be found competent to stand trial… if he even lives that long.

    True. But his brother and son will, as will his babysitter-wife.

    And there are probably another dozen or so Obama-era functionaries who will be exposed.

  29. dad29

    Looks like a significant slander to me.

    No one here pays any attention to “Paul”

  30. MHMaley

    Owen deleted his last similar post .

    I’m asking him here to once again delete the comment and consider if this type of discourse is worthy of this discussion site

  31. dad29

    Meantime, let’s examine what Barr is actually saying. His remarks clearly mean to say that the President (no matter which one) is INFERIOR to the “security establishment”–the CIA, Pentagon, FBI, NSA, (etc.)–when dealing with Presidential records.

    That’s a unique reading of Article 2 of the Constitution, which is very clear: the President has plenary authority over ALL documents created during his term of office. He IS the executive authority; all the “intel” agencies (and the National Archives twits) report to him, not the other way around.\

    Read it and weep, MH

  32. MHMaley

    Good Luck with the Presidential records and and Article 2 document theory of the case .

    but as M Twain wrote :
    “Sayin it don’t necessarily make it so ! “

  33. dad29

    Watch it go to SCOTUS.

    Meantime, Trump will be POTUS again! We know you’ll submit several ballots for your guy Biden…but watch Trump’s sympathy vote from the lower class pull him over the line.

    By the way, Twain was talking TO Smith, who succeeded–again–in indicting a ham sandwich. That’s about as far as he usually gets with big cases. Look at his history.

  34. MHMaley

    If Scotus deals with the idea of obstruction and the facts primarily stated by the Presidents employee’s and lawyers along with the Prwsidnts own words , the former President
    is .. in Barr’s words .. toast

    Then , he will have to deal with yet another case where he is on tape asking the Georgia Sec State for exactly the number of votes necessary
    to over turn the election .

    Who does one blame that on ?

    The ONLY thing Trump has had going for him for the last 2.5 years is a glacially slow AG giving deference to the Office of the Presidency

    Mr Smith has lost some headline cases , but even a hack could convict a fellow who hands them multiple smoking guns in multiple cases and can’t stop talking about it


  35. dad29

    If Scotus deals with the idea of obstruction and the facts primarily

    They will deal with this question: is the Espionage Act Constitutional?

    The answer is “nope.”

    All the rest that you yammer about was invented by the prosecutor. Note well (as many Americans have): the prosecutor won’t let the public see or hear the “evidence” he has.

    There’s a reason for that, pal.

  36. Merlin

    There are still an awful lot of people who don’t know the lawfare game exists, let alone understand the rules of the game.

    Whether or not they can convict and imprison you for anything is largely irrelevant, because the aim is to generate enough emotional and economic pain to coerce you to modify your behavior. Most targets end up like Michael Flynn because they simply don’t have the means/money to play. Once you agree to remove yourself as a political threat, they pretty much move on. The deal was offered to Bill and Hillary… and they took it. They agreed to retire and their considerable legal exposures all evaporated.

    So far, Trump has refused the deal. What makes him unique is his deep pockets and combative disposition, which keeps forcing his opponents to escalate the lawfare. The Left’s (and GOPe) solution to their Donald Trump problem will also be political rather than legal because the lawfare tactics in the end are unsupported by the law. Project the battle out far enough and you arrive at a point where it ends badly for the lawfare tactics before the SCOTUS… or Donald Trump ceases breathing. In the meanwhile lawfare will totally control the narrative.

    A political deal will soon be offered to Joe/Jill Biden if it hasn’t been offered and accepted already in the form of Hunter’s sweetheart deals with DoJ. The common theme here is that justice plays no part in the game.

  37. MHMaley

    Or, trump will be convicted for saying some version of

    -I didn’t classify documents when I could have and they are mine to keep
    Yes , i had my attorneys certify that all of them were returned and even after a subpoena but so what ?

    – Just find me 11,700 votes (to the Georgia Sec State )

    -Go down to the capital and force Mike Pence to break the law for us

    The Biden’s and Hillary didn’t force him to say any of the above . He did so willingly after he claimed he could declassify documents by merely “thinking about it “

    The two tier justice system is folks like Trump who can hire lawyer even if he doesn’t pay them and the folks who can’t hire lawyers ,because they can’t pay them .

    Anyone who says differently hasn’t been paying attention .

  38. dad29

    I didn’t classify documents when I could have and they are mine to keep

    Presidential Records Act. Further, Trump is smart enough not to self-incriminate, unlike Hunter Biden.

    Go down to the capital and force Mike Pence to break the law for us

    That’s a direct quote? So you have a cite? Otherwise, you’re just another ferret-face liar like Garland.

    Just find me 11,700 votes (to the Georgia Sec State )

    Context-debunked for 6 months. Obviously you don’t read the news while coaching basketball, but you should give it a try someday.

    He did so willingly after he claimed he could declassify documents by merely “thinking about it “

    Actually, he can. That’s what’s called ‘plenary power,’ and you’ll find that in Section Two. You probably didn’t learn about Section Two in whatever PublickScrewel you attended…

  39. dad29

    We also note that Smith, the regularly-failing prosecutor, has suddenly reversed his position (demanding an August trial) and now demands one in November/December.

    He’s still fabricating the evidence?

  40. Merlin

    Smith is two years from arguing the legal merits of his charges before a jury.

    Delays into the primary season allows greater opportunities for Trump’s GOPe rivals to support the Left’s Trump-is-a-criminal narrative. Most of the invertebrates will fall right in line. Dem and Dem-lite will work the plan together… ops normal.

  41. dad29

    Meantime, Trump’s poll-ratings continue upward steadily.

    Gives rise to the speculation that the more he’s persecuted, the more likely he is to win all the marbles, regardless of his increasingly-dumbass remarks.

    Smokey and the Bandit, or Convoy, anyone?

  42. MHMaley

    Let’s hope the former Presidents lawyers read this site closely .

    ( If he can find some attorney’s who don’t mind not getting paid like poor Rudy .)

    Everything that’s needed to acquit him on all 37 charges is here in just a few clicks from the boards barristers .

  43. dad29

    And we’re not asking for fees!

    By the way, Jack Smith could use your help, Maley. You’re not coaching BB anymore, so give him the time.

  44. dad29

    First thing for you to do, Maley: fix this little problem.

    there’s a problem that explains why Jack Smith gave CNN the audio.

    …Despite the grand pontifications and breathless pearl-clutching by the CNN narrative engineers, the audio will NEVER be used at trial – if there is even a trial – which is highly unlikely, because it cannot be admitted into evidence. That’s why Jack Smith gave it to them. The audio is useless, except for the value in promoting the lawfare narrative engineering effort.

    Why? Because the documents that are claimed to be heard in the audio are nowhere to be found. That’s right, the DOJ and FBI never found any “classified” or “super-secret” documents as described in the audio. As a result, the audio represents nothing, a literal nothingburger, because without the documents the audio is inadmissible….

  45. MHMaley

    The issue for the former President is that this is a “fix” for an indictment that hasn’t been issued in NJ … yet and curiously doesn’t put a name to the soothe sayer .

    The explanations for the Florida’s 37 indictments as explained here appear to be :
    Presidential records act
    the unconstitutional nature of the Espionage act .

    2 explanations and poof .. he’s acquitted 37 X

    Mind if I take the under on that happening ?

  46. dad29

    Umnnnnhhhmmm…..that’s in the Florida indictment, pal.

    You really think a FLORIDA jury will UNANIMOUSLY find “guilty” on any of those counts, much less all?

    I’ll take the over and start my chicken-business.

  47. MHMaley

    Actually , I win if they convict him on 1 of the 37 , while you need to go 37-37 .

    He’s 0-60 in court cases stemming back to the 2020 elections 0- -61 if you count the civil conviction

    I have as little faith in Florida juries as you do but I like my odds and the history of Trump being unable to find “the best people “ to represent him in court .

    And there’s always a chance his valet flips, not wanting to do ANY jail time

    But I will try your chicken if this all works out perfectly .. for you and your boy .

  48. dad29

    Since I’m a nice guy, I’ll provide some napkins for you. Chicken can be a bit messy.

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