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2121, 20 Apr 23

IRS Whistleblower: AG Garland Lied to Congress


Attorney General Merrick Garland is the ‘senior’ unnamed Biden administration official in the center of a new bombshell IRS whistleblower claim, a source familiar tells


According to a letter Wednesday from attorney Mark Lytle, a man serving as a supervising agent on a ‘high-profile’ criminal tax probe has come forward seeking whistleblower protections while claiming politics are ‘improperly infecting decisions’ in an investigation.


The investigation referred to is reportedly examining matters related to President Biden’s son Hunter Biden.


The protected disclosures by the IRS whistleblower ‘contradict sworn testimony to Congress by a senior political appointee,’ the letter stated. has confirmed that the ‘senior political appointee’ is Attorney General Merrick Garland.


2121, 20 April 2023

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