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2027, 31 Mar 23

Minneapolis Signs Transformational Agreement

Stuff is about to get LIT in Minneapolis.

Lucero said the legally binding agreement requires the city and the police department to make “transformational changes” to fix the organizational culture at the heart of race-based policing.


She said it includes measures to ensure force is used “only when it is objectively reasonable, necessary and proportional” and never “to punish or retaliate.” Officers must de-escalate conflicts when possible. There will be limits on when and how officers can use chemical irritants and Tasers. And training in the disputed condition of excited delirium — a key issue in the confrontation that led to Floyd’s death — will be banned. Stops for broken lights and searches based on the alleged smell of marijuana are banned.


2027, 31 March 2023


  1. Tuerqas

    Alleged smell of marijuana? Two simple solutions:
    First, I can’t believe that it is not fully legal in Mn yet. You’re a liberal hotbed, legalize it already.
    Second, it should be a simple thing to make a device that can measure type of smoke in the air. Boom, no more ‘alleged’.

    That said, a third simple solution would be to assign police precinct destinations by race. That way, when the black cops act identically (or even more forcefully) than the white cops did, maybe people can start addressing the actual problems rather than camouflaging them in race hate for votes. Too many assignments (read: black neighborhoods) are flat out dangerous. Cops that walk into those places with flowers and a sunny disposition instead of guns and clubs are not likely to be an, um…’effective’ police force.

  2. dad29

    are not likely to be an, um…’effective’ police force.

    Took you a while to get to what they actually want: an INeffective cop shop.

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