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2100, 09 Dec 22

UW Chancellors Receive Another Raise

There are many reasons that the cost of higher education has outpaced inflation. This is one of them.

The raises push UW-Madison Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin’s base pay from $750,000 to $765,000 and UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Mark Mone’s pay from $452,090 to $461,132. UW System President Jay Rothman declined the 2% salary increase, keeping his pay at $550,000.


One chancellor, Joe Gow of La Crosse, saw his salary increase even more to bring his pay up to the newly approved salary range for chancellors of smaller UW campuses. Gow’s salary will increase 6%, from $247,661 to $262,719. Had he received only the 2% raise, his pay would have fallen below the minimum salary for his position.


The chancellors’ raises follow two previous rounds of salary increases within the past year. Most chancellors received 2% raises last January and again in April. Three chancellors — Mone, Gow and UW-Stevens Point Chancellor Thomas Gibson — received larger raises ranging from 4% to 7.5% last spring in order to to keep salaries competitive and bring some of them above the previous minimum pay range for their positions.


2100, 09 December 2022


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