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2037, 30 Nov 22

Women’s Soccer Gets Unearned Windfall

This is not fair or equitable. I thought women wanted to be judged by merit?

The fruits of the new agreement between the U.S. men’s and women’s soccer teams is about to pay off.


Under the equal-pay agreement signed this year, the teams will split the prize money for the World Cup. That means that both teams will get $6.5 million for the men’s team advancing to the Round of 16 and will continue to split the prize money down the middle.


The terms, agreed to in May and formally signed in September, put both teams on the same payment model through 2028.


2037, 30 November 2022


  1. Mar

    Yep, the money goes to a team that lost to a male high school soccer team.

  2. Jason

    If I were a male gymnast at LSU, I’d use this action as a request to get half of Olivia Dunne’s millions in her slutty photo endorsement money.

  3. Merlin

    Their demand is for equity, not equality. Equal opportunity doesn’t pay as well.

    Sure seems like some pretty ironic circumstances to us senior citizens that these ultra-modern women have successfully gained equity, yet are still dependent on men for unearned income. I can remember when it was about equality. Now it’s just about getting paid.

    As soon as women w/dicks translates into a competitive edge and mo’ money, they’ll be okay with that too.

  4. jonnyv

    This is a negotiated agreement with the governing body US Soccer. Both teams benefit from each other’s wins. If the USWNT wins (again!), the USMNT will get a portion of their prize money. It is pooled now. Just because there is a bigger prize pool (of which the men’s team does little to influence) on the Men’s side doesn’t mean that the USMNT deserves MORE than the USWNT. This is actually an instance that the men’s team earns MORE for LESS work (just making the 16) than the women earn for WINNING the world cup.

    I don’t say this often, but your take is just simply bad. Owen is basically saying that the women should earn less for doing more work.

    Mar, saying they lost to a high school team in a friendly casual soccer match is not accurate. It was a warm up and no one was giving 100%. Bad take as well.

  5. Mar

    “Mar, saying they lost to a high school team in a friendly casual soccer match is not accurate. It was a warm up and no one was giving 100%. Bad take as well”
    If neither was playing 100% than the women still should have won. This proves that the USNWT couldn’t beat a Division 3 college male soccer team.
    Bad take.
    And let’s look at the attendance
    The Premier League and MSL regularly sell out large stadiums.
    Women’s soccer attendance is at best 1/2 of that half
    And as far TV viewership, who do you think has more World Cup viewership? Of course, the men.
    So, the women are far less talented and bring in less money.
    They should get what they bring and not depend on the men.
    Really bad take.

  6. Mar

    “This is actually an instance that the men’s team earns MORE for LESS work (just making the 16) than the women earn for WINNING the world cup.”
    Another moronic comment.
    The men bring in more people because more people watch the men and the men’s World Cup than then the Women’s World Cup.
    As far as saying the men don’t work as hard as the women in is pure BS.
    For the men, it is much harder to even make the World Cup than the women.
    In the women’s World Cup, there is very little talent and many matches are lopsided. There only 5 or 6 good women’s World Cup teams while in the men’s WC, there is pretty good parity, as we have seen in this World Cup.

  7. jonnyv

    We are not talking about MLS & Premier League. That is a different structure.

    Mar, this is equivalent to the NFL TV Broadcasting deal. Each NFL team gets the same amount (320 M), even if one division is more lopsided than another or one team gets WAY more broadcasting views. Should the Jacksonville Jaguars get LESS of the broadcasting money because they don’t get as many national viewers or primetime games? Should the USMNT get less money for making the 16 as other teams because the viewership percentage numbers are way less in the US than in other countries? The US had 11 million viewers, while England had 16 million. So should we earn less for making the cut???

    FIFA makes the broadcasting deals that bring in the money. They distribute the money to US Soccer when earned. US Soccer gives the money to the teams evenly. We can assume each team practices as hard as the other. That each team puts in the same time. That each team is doing the same job.

    The men’s division is more difficult. But they are not as good relative to their field as the women are to theirs. If it is so much more difficult to get into the Men’s World Cup, overall it should benefit them MORE as the women can earn more easily every 4 years and they will get a cut.

  8. Mar

    Jonny, this is a classic liberal vs conservative argument.
    You deal with emotions and I deal in facts.
    As far as the NFL, yes, they get even money for the broadcast contracts.
    But they don’t share the money with any women football leagues.
    As far as the Premiere League and MLS, I was comparing attendance and nothing else.
    But the rest of the world is catching up to the USWNT. In the the 2020 Olympics, the US got thrashed and ended up with the Bronze.
    Hopefully, they’ll get less woke and get younger and maybe the USWNT will do better next year

  9. Merlin

    The women earn less simply because their product generates less revenue. Event purses are less because of lesser sponsorship, lesser televised reach, lesser ticket sales, lesser merchandising, and quite honestly, lesser overall interest in the sport within the USA. Sponsors expect a ROI for their investment unless it’s just an outright donation. Women’s soccer needs to put paying butts in the seats and merch vendors need to sell out at each opportunity. Their product needs to generate a great deal more interest in order to attract more revenue.

    They have equal opportunity, but what they really want is equal outcome. If they want to charge a fantasy price for their labor that their market does not support then those unearned funds will have to come from somewhere outside their own revenue streams. US Soccer is willing to underwrite it for the time being, so they must feel that they can generate more interest in women’s soccer.

  10. Merlin

    If you’re into women’s sports you should give the Athletes Unlimited pro sports model a look. They’re in their infancy and limited to basketball. softball, volleyball, and lacrosse so far, but their competition model for pro athletes is rather unique. I sincerely hope it succeeds.

  11. Mar

    What will be interesting is when in the next year or so, when some fake woman, a male transvestite, will want to play in the Women’s national team.
    I’ll get out the popcorn for that one.

  12. jonnyv

    If your company has 2 engineers that are equally as skilled and they work for different product lines. One product line is more successful than the other, should the engineer who happens to work for the more successful product get paid more? Simply because they work on a more successful product? Or, do you pay the engineers a relatively equal salary because they are doing the same work and work the same hours?

    And Merlin, if you want to talk about reach and influence, I know more USWNT names than I have ever known USMNT names even today. And I watched the game on Tuesday. The USWNT WON their world cup and have had a much bigger influence on soccer than the USMNT has ever had. The only USMNT name that I can recall from the past is Alexi Lalas, because he had the big head of hair and scored a big goal. And now he does analysis.

    According to US Soccer’s website: From fiscal years 2015 to 2020, the USWNT was $211k in the red, while the USMNT was $5.7 million in the red. So the USWNT is actually product that is losing LESS money. (Neither are profitable currently). The numbers flip if you go back further.

    As far as the women earning less because it generates less revenue, that doesn’t apply to the WC. The revenue is given out by FIFA who make their money from broadcast rights. This is prize money, it isn’t directly related to product sales. Individual networks (aka Fox) sell the commercial rights that they have in order make back the money. It doesn’t matter how much FIFA makes for the broadcasting rights, they give the money to US Soccer as prize money. That prize money is now equally distributed among both teams for all world cup games thru 2028. And remember that this was agreed upon by both the MEN AND WOMEN’s union.

    What you are all saying is that because Men’s soccer is bigger worldwide, it should benefit the USMNT team even though they are not as competitive as the USWNT team.

  13. Tuerqas

    >If your company has 2 engineers that are equally as skilled and they work for different product lines…

    But that is not usually the case, is it? No two workers are ever really equal. The better engineer works on the more profitable product line because he/she has more to offer and the parent firm wants to keep the larger clients happiest. To make your comparison equal, the women would have to be ‘equal’ in quality to the men’s soccer team and I think we all know the truth of how many times the women would beat the men on the field.

    Now that all said, I am very happy that the USMNT were willing to make that agreement. Trying for eventual equality means that different things will be ‘unfair’ to men now in the senses that Merlin, Mar and Owen are pointing out. But let’s face it, in the world of sports everything has been heavily slanted in men’s favor to date, the men can afford it. The extra money to the women’s program develops equality for the future and I strongly applaud that, especially if the men affected are amenable.

    Since the men’s and women’s soccer programs agreed to it, there is nothing to see here.

  14. dad29

    US Hockey, NFL, NBA, MLB………….

    The power of monopoly.

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