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2156, 15 Nov 22

Trump Announces Presidential Run

Meh. I think I’ll pass this time.

Donald Trump has officially announced he is running for president for the third time in 2024 in a speech attacking President Biden, the ‘radical left’ Democrats and their record on the economy and the world stage in the two years since he left office.


The former president ignored Republican critics and those who blamed him for the GOP‘s disappointing midterms to go full steam on stating his intent to be back in the Oval Office to ‘drain the swamp’ with the country ‘being destroyed before our very lives’.


‘I order to make America great and glorious again, I am today announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,’ he confirmed to huge cheers before laying into the FBI raid, the ‘fake’ dossier’, the ‘deep state’ and lobbyists.


2156, 15 November 2022


  1. Mar

    It will be interesting to see who challenges President Trump.
    If it is a choice between Trump and a moderate, I’ll go with Trump.
    If it is between Trump and Desantis, I’ll probably go with Desantis.
    But anybody would be better than Senile Joe Biden or any Democrat.

  2. jonnyv

    **Eating popcorn gif***

  3. Mar

    Well, Johnny, who do the Democrats have?
    But I guess it really doesn’t matter because Democrats will vote for dead candidates and severely brain damaged people like Fetterwoman and Senile Joe Biden.
    And yes, Jonny, Fetterwoman calls himself that, so I am just honoring his wish.

  4. jonnyv

    Mar, I think there is a 60% chance that Biden runs again. 40% that he drops out, and if he does drop my guess is that Mayor Pete throws his hat in the ring with a probably a few others.

    But, if it comes down to Biden vs Trump again… I will take Biden to win. AGAIN.

    I just don’t think that Trump is electable any longer. And there is a good chance that if he doesn’t get the primary he takes a bunch of his supporters away from the R party making it very difficult to get one elected in the general.

    It really feels like Trump has absolute cultist followers that will be ride or die with him, and not accept another R candidate. The Dems don’t have that issue.

  5. Tuerqas

    Trump should run, or be forced to run as an independent. If Reps endorse him as their candidate the Party will be split and the election will very likely fail for them. If they do not accept him as the Rep candidate and Trump goes independent, at least the Reps know how deep the split is and like with the Tea Party, they will then be better able address it.

  6. Mar

    Trump cultists?
    Democrats vote for cognitively disabled and dead canidates.
    Trump is not dead and still is quite intelligent.
    So, who really are the cultists, those who vote for dead people and brain damaged vs people who vote for an intelligent person who is still alive.

  7. Mar

    But Jonny, the Democrats will try and rig the election in 2024 just they did here in Arizona this past election.

  8. dad29

    Assuming Biden LIVES long enough……..but he won’t.

    It’ll be Newsom vs. Harris, and that’s easy to bet on. Newsom vs. Trump? That might be fun, especially in the middle of a deep recession.

    Buttplug will get the support of the homosexuals, which are 4-5% of the population.

  9. Mar

    Tuerqas, really, you want to go down that road?
    And how do you force someone to run as an independent.
    Let the primaries settle who.will be the best candidate.
    I don’t think Trump will run as an independent unless he wants to sabotage the GOP.
    And I think Trump will not do that.

  10. Merlin

    Not much point in getting your thong stuck in your ass just yet. An awful lot can and will happen between now and when you need to decide anything.

  11. dad29

    An awful lot can and will happen between now and when you need to decide anything.

    That’s what makes The Narrative (‘Trump cannot possibly win the Presidential’) so ludicrous. But don’t tell that to The Narrators. Logic doesn’t get in their way.

  12. jonnyv

    I didn’t think that Trump would win the first time around. And I was wrong that the distaste for Hillary would push the 2nd most unliked candidate ever into the WH. But, at this point, he has enough on his record that I don’t think a majority of the R party will follow him. He will get almost NO independent voters. And that will make him upset. I am really interested in who is going to run against him.

    My dream scenario is that Trump doesn’t get the nom and he goes rogue.

    For as much flack as the D’s got for their “super delegates” that shut out Bernie, it might be something that the Rs look at depending on how this plays out.

    Yes Mar. Cultist. There are Trump supporters that no matter what he does, they will follow him. Hence the term “cultist”. He could quite literally come out and say, “I am going to purposefully start WW3 if I get re-elected.” and there will be a core group that just nods along and walk behind him. The same people who believe in QAnon conspiracy crap.

  13. Mar

    Jonny, now, you are just talking crazy talk.
    You are better than that…I hope.

  14. Merlin

    Trump has made this big dick territory. We’re about to see who can sustain the required expense and energy of a 24 month campaign season. Pretty much guaranteed to be anything but boring.

  15. jonnyv

    Mar. Maybe you are not seeing everything. At one point he literally said he could gun someone down in times square, and nobody flinched. Remember, even if YOU don’t believe the QAnon BS, there are a non-small portion of the population that does. And some that still believe he is secretly president. There are some true lunatics out there.

    And there are some that are not as extreme, but just think that Trump is the best thing since sliced bread and that he SHOULD be president and will follow him.

    Trump is a grifter. Always has been, always will be. My favorite recent one is the “fundraiser” email he sent out for the Walker run-off. And what actually was happening was that 90% was going to Trump and 10% to Walker. Walker’s campaign staff came out hot about that. After that they changed it to 50/50. How funny. And the best part was that the Trump campaign wasn’t the only one to do that. JD Vance did it as well!

    I am just gonna sit back with popcorn and watch the R party for a while. That is until the D party sticks its foot up its own arse.

  16. dad29

    That is until the D party sticks its foot up its own arse.

    You don’t have to wait. Biden is already providing all the grim laughs anyone can take.

  17. Mar

    “At one point he literally said he could gun someone down in times square, and nobody flinched”
    Umm, have you read about the crime in NYC?
    Crime is rampant in NYC and liberals, like yourself don’t care because most of the crimes are against people of color.

  18. Tuerqas

    >And how do you force someone to run as an independent.

    You don’t give him the Republican nomination, just like Hillary shut out Bernie or a number of other ways. If that or something equivalent were to happen, I think Trump would indeed run as an indie. Especially if he thinks he had the most votes among Rs, I think he would go indie in a heartbeat. Caring about the GOP has not historically been his strong suit, pursuit of personal power always has. I think him running and getting the Rep nomination (or running as an indie, to be honest) will put another loser Dem in the white house. We have all seen what a dementia patient and Trump have done in office and between the two, I would personally hope for Trump. But Dems will all only remember the overpowering negative hype of Trump’s last Presidency so Dems will be highly motivated to vote. There are a lot of Reps who still love Trump, but there are a good number who will not vote for him and recent history has shown that motivated Dem bases win elections even without cheating. I think Trump running is a pretty sure loser for Reps.

    I do have a theory on the brain loss candidates that Dems have started putting up. I think the Party wants to run the Government and for that you need a candidate with limited brain capacity or someone who is reliably a milksop in the WH. The latter is harder to find, because power corrupts. The former has worked out well for the other Party leaders. On the plus side for him, Trump is the extreme opposite of that, to the point where many Rs opposed him before and will again. Rs would love to have Reagan in the WH again from the grave so they too could do whatever they wish, but they do not have nearly as much programming and fear built into their power base. They could not get a dementia patient into office.

  19. Tuerqas

    Put another way, abortion jumped up from its normal 5th to 6th position of importance under Roe v Wade to a clear second to a very large number of people in the latest election.
    Trump himself will the first or second greatest reason that Dems voted in the upcoming election. He is a built in winner for Dem political ads. There are literally hundreds of things that Trump said (or sometimes even did) that will be on us like a holocaust come political ad season. In addition I still believe a lot of fence sitter Reps and indies will listen to that hype before the end as well.

  20. dad29

    Trump closed the border, got the NK twerp to STFU, re-arranged tax burdens to be fair to the middle class (for a change), and pumped a lot of dollars into the pockets of our Armed Forces personnel.

    That’s just a start.

    Yet the people telling us to vote for ANYONE ELSE are the very same people who–with two full years to do it–utterly failed to repeal ObamaCare, utterly failed to shut down what both Feingold and Sensenbrenner decried as domestic spying (NSA opticon), utterly failed to fix Social Security (a minor tax increase) and Medicare/Medicaid (a major tax increase), and utterly failed to write legislation making Trump’s border-fix permanent. Further, they utterly failed to make any sort of dent in the national debt, spending into deficit again and again.

    Now they demand votes from us? They’re utter failures, remember??

  21. Randall Flagg


    Lake lost because she attacked John McCain and moderate Republicans, telling them to “Get the hell out.” If she had not done that, she wins easily.

  22. Merlin

    >Now they demand votes from us? They’re utter failures, remember??

    But they’re such nice failures. Why keep pointing out that they can talk it but not walk it? That’s just mean. Their mystical messiah is just over the horizon. Be here any day now.

  23. Tuerqas

    >Mar. Maybe you are not seeing everything. At one point he literally said he could gun someone down in times square, and nobody flinched. Remember, even if YOU don’t believe the QAnon BS, there are a non-small portion of the population that does. And some that still believe he is secretly president. There are some true lunatics out there.

    Obama once talked about all 57 states and he is a liberal hero. Biden was asking for a literally 8 week dead person a couple of months ago and no liberal batted an eye. See, libs have other problems besides their normal bias the size of Siberia where if it was not from a liberal media source it is pretty much 100% false. Anything out of a Republican or conservative mouth is 100% taken seriously and thought to be believed as literally true by Reps, never a parable or simple hyperbole. In context the ‘gun someone down’ line was clearly hyperbole to illustrate the recent explosion of lawlessness in NYC with even less convictions than in the past, but you and every other liberal seem to believe that Trump was trying to tell us he wanted to be a murderer and thought he could get away with it. Trump said many gaffes too (that was not one), but that is what you want to base a vote on the Presidency for? An out of context line or even a gaffe said earlier in their careers? Once again, how can you vote for anyone? Certainly not for Biden, Obama or Harris…yet you do. You can ignore the gaffes of one side as a gaffe, but the other is seriously de-ranged for a gaffe or out of context statement maliciously thrown out by the liberal media machine.

    >Trump is a grifter. Always has been, always will be. My favorite recent one is the “fundraiser” email he sent out for the Walker run-off. And what actually was happening was that 90% was going to Trump and 10% to Walker.

    Let’s look at ‘your favorite’ too as I don’t want to ignore the things most important to you. The Trump campaign was pirating a monster share of dollars from another Rep politician’s campaign. The Dems stole trillions FROM US under the COVID aegis and has been using much of it as their personal slush fund for re-elections. Overall they took 2.8 trillion for COVID. The first two Acts, for 8.3 billion and 192 billion were mostly allocated to early COVID related conditions. Of the 1.8 trillion on the third dip, about 790 billion were allocated to verifiably COVID conditions. Of the 4th dip of 900 billion confiscated for COVID, only 332 billion has been verified as used for COVID allocations.
    What did Tony Evers use it for? Well his commercials say he is giving Wisconsinites a big tax break…so we can pay less now because Evers is sitting on a huge surplus from the gross amount we paid in the past. He is upping the amount of money going to public schools who do worse every time they are given more money. The rest has been used (or is sitting in slush funds) for non-COVID related projects. I think I would strongly prefer millions to be taken from one re-election fund to be given to another over trillions taken directly from us. You prefer the latter, apparently because liberal media outlets tell you to.
    One other thing, Trump was the first President to lose wealth while in office in American history. Yet your current favorite hatred for Trump is that his campaign took an inordinate amount of Rep DONOR money for his CAMPAIGN, not his pocket. I am not saying you are an idiot for not voting for Trump, I am saying you are an idiot for accepting the problems (on much grander scales) of your Party while having utter contempt for the competing Party for doing a much less egregious money grub from their own Party base rather than the taxpayers. The liberal bias is truly utterly blinding to them and i don’t understand it,

  24. jonnyv

    Dad29, you realize that the Trump tax cuts ADDED BILLIONS to the deficit, right? I don’t think you can cheer about that and complain that the other Rs failed to make a dent in the debt. And forgive me, because i am not extremely knowledgeable on the subject, but don’t armed forces get automatic raises every year? Based on some metric? But maybe you are talking about some other way that he pumped money into the armed forces?

    And for YEARS Trump lied about having some sort of plan for healthcare. It is a LOSING plan to take away Obamacare and leaving people with no real option for healthcare without having some sort of plan that will keep people covered. Tens of millions rely on it (10% of the USA). 4 of the top 5 states users are arguably red states. FL, TX, GA, & NC (the other being CA). You may not like it, but until they come up with SOMETHING better, it would be political suicide to get rid of it.

    All of those things that you are complaining that the Rs didn’t do also comes down to Trump. He was the head of the party. It is the same complaint I have about Obama in the last few years. He was unable to get anything major done after the ACA because he wasn’t good at “horse trading”. You have to give to get. And as the head, you are ultimately responsible. Same goes for Trump. He failed to get any significant legislature passed other than his tax plan.

    And you may not LIKE what Biden has done, but he has gotten the American Rescue Plan, Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, CHIPS bill, & Inflation Reduction Act (has nothing to do with inflation, lol) all passed. Those are major bills in the agenda.

  25. jonnyv

    T. Trump lost wealth BECAUSE of Covid and lockdowns, as did many people heavily invested in travel. Much of his money is in his hotels that were basically empty. And I didn’t say that he took that campaign money directly for his pocket. He grifted it for his re-election campaign by deception. Advertising of fund raising for Walker. Instead, you can look at the new information coming out about how much MORE Trump hotels charged the secret service that were forced to stay there. Sounds like to the tune of 1.4 million dollars in the US.

    And as far as gaffes go, every politician has them on the campaign trail. They are all up long hours and tons of travel. So I don’t really take too much of them to heart. They are used for partisan sound bites. Its like when a musician comes to Milwaukee and yells, “Hello Minnesota!!!”. Those little things are petty. We will all poke fun at them, but they don’t matter in the slightest. Oh, and if you believe ANY promises made on a campaign trail in general, you are probably a sucker.

    Yes, Covid money has been stolen. LOTS of it. From everyone (not just dems). And everyone authorized it at first. It wasn’t one side that pushed it thru. It was done hastily to help an economy that was crashing. I hope that the gov’t learned a lesson with the way it was handled.

  26. Tuerqas

    >T. Trump lost wealth BECAUSE of covid and lockdowns,

    That is a fine point, yet no one else in the national Gov’t did. No one else eschewed their salary. 1.4 million? He donated his salary of 1.6 million largely to Gov’t offices hit hardest by COVID. Your comparison numbers are not impressive. A lot of the company I work for revolves around travel and we suffered profits because of it, but we didn’t lose money. You might think the Dem hero of the great depression and WWII, FDR might have lost money. Nope, he increased it 600 fold. Not 600%, he increased it 600 times his wealth upon taking office. For the number challenged that means he did not just make 6 dollars for every dollar he started with, he made $600 for every dollar he started with.
    Trump lost the election because of COVID and you don’t see a problem with that. Operation warp speed is what got us vaccines in one year. Nothing Dems did sped that up, it was out before Trump was. Under Obama with Biden’s ‘leadership’ the pandemic of his reign got a vaccine after it was over to the tune of 3.5 years. Yet because of the news you listen to, you believe Trump did nothing except offer up some post contracting COVID cures some of which did not pan out. He was offering hope to those who had it or whose loved ones had it and your press made it sound like he was offering up the possible cures as an ALTERNATIVE to vaccines. He did nothing of the sort, but Dem voters bought it and not 20% of them had heard of operation warp speed before Biden tried to take credit for it after winning the election.
    You don’t think that about half of the 2.8 trillion wasn’t grifted by deception? Talk about suckers! And you are flat out wrong, the 1.8 trillion dollar and the last 900 billion dollar Acts had united GOP opposition. They were then demonized by your press as ‘being completely against it’ when they were just against the amount. There was united approval for the 8.3 and 192 billion dollar Acts, though a few were against even the 192 billion one. Look it up.
    Virtually every word Trump said at any time in his life was brought up, an angle to demonize was found and carted before the electorate. Anyone who can’t see that among Trump’s weaknesses is that he is a braggart has the perception of an eggplant. Do you have any idea the locker room talk I have heard in my life that puts Trump’s pudenda claim to shame? Locker room talk is garbage and any male who has spent any time in them knows it, yet I know a bunch of women who believe that Trump is one step away from being a total pervert rapist because of one braggy comment made decades before PC cancel culture was a thing and is likely a complete fabrication.
    Walker knew Trump was taking a cut, they seem perfectly happy with 50%. It is Trump supporters giving the money, so I see virtually nothing there, but you think it graft so terrible that it compares to a multi-trillion dollar graft perpetrated by Democrats still in office with your full support.
    Thanks for supporting my gaffes position, too bad you can say one thing and mean another. When I say a Dem or a Rep made a gaffe, that is all I think of it. When you think of a Dem making a gaffe you agree with me, but when a Rep makes a gaffe or a joke or uses hyperbole they are demons of evil incarnate. When I say Dems or Reps stole a bunch of money that is what I mean, when you say a Rep stole money they are reprehensible deceivers and if a Dem did it, then Reps of course did it too, probably more. Orders of magnitude are meaningless to libs and have been for decades.
    This a lib talking to a conservative today on Trump’s action:
    ‘Dems took trillions for themselves their donors and their campaigns? That’s nothing, Trump took extra money from another Rep campaign fund from donors who were donating because Trump asked them to do it, and he overcharged secret servicemen in his hotels while he was in office to the tune of like, 2 million dollars! It’s a horrible deception!’
    ‘What do you mean they don’t compare? Doubling the zeroes don’t mean nothing. Everyone knows that 0 time 6 more zeroes is still zero!’

  27. jonnyv

    Comparing the 2 pandemics is apples and oranges. The vaccine was created with newer technology that allowed us to get it out much quicker that didn’t exist. But remember Pfizer (the first vaccine) was not taking money for Operation Warp Speed. They DID accept money when the gov’t offered to purchase their vaccine though. Warp speed DID help out in some major ways for distribution and sales.

    And yes, Trump lost in large part due to COVID. But he was also erratic in his behavior during the pandemic, which was a big deal. But offering up those “alternatives” is just a false hope. It actually killed people. It sewed doubt in people. Many saw him as unprepared and grasping at straws. Operation Warp Speed was actually one of the things that I felt Trump did that was really good.

    Please point me to the place that shows you that COVID money is going into campaigns for just democrats? Because if you think that Evers is the ONLY gov (or only democrats) are using it to “buy” votes in their state, you are insane.

    Walker’s staff DIDNT know they were going to send out that campaign or that they were going to take 90%. It wasn’t until they reached out to him and Vance that they asked them change it to 50%. It was a cheap political trick to try and syphon money out of a campaign run off. And this is why many people don’t trust him within his own party. He only has HIS OWN interests in mind.

    I won’t vote for Trump because I do think that he is not qualified to be the president. I don’t think he has the country’s best interest in mind. I think he is more interested in holding power. I think he is erratic. I don’t think he listens to other people. He has already proven that he would rather extract vengeance than work together. I think he is dangerous. He would rather spout off uninformed rather than admit he doesn’t know. And when called out on it, attacks whoever it is that corrects him. Or, sometimes he just flat out lies rather than accept the truth. I am no fan of Pence’s politics or beliefs. But he seems like a stand up dude, and the way that Trump basically threw him under a bus says enough about a person to me. **shrug**

  28. Mar

    “I won’t vote for Trump because I do think that he is not qualified to be the president ”
    Now, that’s laughable especially since you think Senile Joe Biden, who averages at least 1 major gaffe a day and acts bizarrely and needs people write notes on where to sit, stand and speak is qualified for the job. Not to mentioned that he is led around by an Easter Bunny and his fake doctor wife.
    You could aost make a living in comedy with your whoppers you tell or least place in the top 5 in the Burlington Liars Club contest.

  29. Mar

    Tell, me Johnny, why isn’t President Trump legally not qualified to be president?

  30. jonnyv

    Mar… I didn’t say anything about legally. I just said “qualified”.

  31. dad29

    It was the pensions of the Armed Forces which Trump enhanced. IIRC it was long overdue–like 5-10 years or so.

    RE: Healthcare: it took ONE DuckDuckGo to find this essay at the top of the list:


    Take the administration’s 2018 rule expanding access to association health plans. Under these plans, groups of small businesses or self-employed workers can band together to enroll in large-group insurance coverage. In some instances, a large-group plan can offer savings of nearly 20% compared to a small-group plan with the same benefits.

    The results were immediate—nearly 30 new association health plans popped up in the seven months after the Department of Labor finalized the rule. Some of those plans featured premiums that cost up to 35% less than those on the Obamacare exchanges….

    President Trump’s team has also tried to expand access to affordable coverage for individuals. A 2018 rule issued by the administration extended the maximum duration of short-term health plans to one year, up from the Obama administration’s maximum of three months. The rule also allowed insurers to renew short-term plans for up to three years.

    Short-term health plans are not subject to Obamacare’s cost-inflating mandates and regulations. So they tend to be much less expensive than the coverage available on the individual-market exchanges.

    Since that wasn’t in Twitter News, you must have missed it.

    You are in fantasyland if you think Biden had to arm-wrestle the Commie Corps in Congress in order to spend more money than Trump ever dreamed possible. Really? Perhaps Biden has some legislation that they do NOT like, but he hasn’t brought it up yet. All that crap is like getting Pubbies to vote for tax cuts.

    If I wasn’t clear, I apologize–but “tax cuts” are secondary causes of deficits. The PRIMARY cause is spending, something that GWBush, Paul Ryan, and China Mitch are very, very, good at. So yes, I will continue to blame the Establishment Pubbies (just as I blame Vos and Darling for their excessive spending on PublickScrewels.)

    By the way, are you going to defend Biden’s indirect murder of 100,000 Americans by fentanyl? Or the sex-slavery which accompanies the fentanyl across the border? Trump nearly halted all of that. You may have noticed that Bai-Den doesn’t give a damn.

  32. jonnyv

    “Trump nearly halted all of that”… Overdose deaths SPIKED in 2020 from 21.6/100K to 28.3/100K, in direct response to COVID. The problem keeps increasing and has been getting worse since 2000. Fentanyl specifically jumped 60% from 2019 to 2020. Yeah, Trump that that problem licked. And in fact, in 2021 overdose deaths increased half as much as that previous year, “only” about a 15% increase (still horrible).

  33. Jason

    >Fentanyl specifically jumped 60% from 2019 to 2020. Yeah, Trump that that problem licked. And in fact, in 2021 overdose deaths increased half as much as that previous year, “only” about a 15% increase (still horrible).

    Simple deduction: The House halting all petty, immature, partisan, hateful impeachment activity against the Executive Branch has led to fewer OD’s from synthetics. But hey, malice is a good thing, for one party?

  34. Mar

    From Jonny: “Mar… I didn’t say anything about legally. I just said “qualified”.”
    Oh, but he is qualified to run for president.
    He is as qualified to be president as almost anyone else
    And at least he is way far more cognitively aware than your hero, Senile Joe Biden.
    Tell, me Johnny, what makes President Trump unqualified as opposed to any other presidential candidate.
    Please be specific and accurate.

  35. dad29

    in direct response to COVID

    You mean “in direct response to bureaucrat-forced shutdown of the USA”, don’t you?

    Trump made another error: letting the Deep State “doctors” govern the country. That’s an error that he will not repeat, nor should any other President–or Governor.

    But certainly, you can explain “in direct response to COVID” in some other way?

    Suppositions which are propaganda are not a good foundation for an argument.

  36. Mar

    Tell me Johnny, what makes Senile Joe Biden qualified to be president or be re-elected?
    I’ll bet a dollar to donuts that President Trump is far more qualified to be president than Senile Joe Biden.

  37. Tuerqas

    >And yes, Trump lost in large part due to COVID. But he was also erratic in his behavior during the pandemic, which was a big deal. But offering up those “alternatives” is just a false hope. It actually killed people. It sewed doubt in people. Many saw him as unprepared and grasping at straws. Operation Warp Speed was actually one of the things that I felt Trump did that was really good.

    Can you be 100% honest for a minute JV? When did you first hear of Operation Warp Speed? Can you at least admit that the bulk of the electorate did not even hear of OWS before October 2020 at the earliest and when it finally came out to more public awareness the Dem media and ads ridiculed it as ineffective drivel until Biden tried to take credit for it after winning the election? Is there anything Biden has done in his 4 years that approaches the value of OWS? Talk about it (or them) as a way of proving Biden is more qualified than Trump to be President. Because it sounds like you think Biden is ‘more qualified’ simply because he has been a life long politician and to me that makes them less qualified for every year they were in other offices.
    Our current Gov’t is currently very broken and when people in office learn how to ‘get things done’ they are really learning how to use the broken parts to their biggest (and most often personal) advantage. In that way, Trump was the most qualified President we have elected in a very long time. Not accepting the broken way to do things is the greatest thing that can happen to our Government. He was hated by both Reps and Dems (and got negative press from all media sources) because he did not support either side of the graft or shit we take from all Government. I would rather it not be a billionaire megalomaniacal blowhard as POTUS, but sans media spin he did a better job than Biden has done by a country mile that I can see.

  38. Kevin Scheunemann

    All you leftists should be joining me in Spring 2024 Primary and crossing over to vote for Desantis. Desantis is best hope to dethrone Trump. Will you join me?

  39. dad29

    Well, Kevin, you just persuaded me NOT to drive over and have one of your ice cream cakes!

    Loyalty is a virtue, Kevin.

  40. Merlin

    When did Desantis declare himself a candidate?

  41. dad29

    He has the money ready to go: Griffith is a VERY large donor. DeS couldn’t declare while he was running for Governor, of course. He’ll wait until a more propitious time–maybe a year from now–before jumping in.

  42. dad29

    Then there’s this:

    Republicans in the Florida legislature said Tuesday that they’d be willing to change state election law so that Gov. Ron DeSantis could run for president without resigning from his current job.

    Huh. There ,must have been a little conversation about this, no?

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