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1849, 02 Nov 22

Dead Heat in Wisconsin

Closing arguments underway.

The final Marquette University Law School poll found a tight race for U.S. Senate and a dead-even contest for governor.


Fifty percent of likely voters backed U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, while 48 percent supported Dem Mandela Barnes. The Marquette poll conducted earlier this month had Johnson at 52 and Barnes at 46.


In the guv’s race, 48 percent supported Dem incumbent Tony Evers, while 48 percent backed GOP construction exec Tim Michels. Another 2 percent favored independent Joan Beglinger, who has dropped out of the race, but remains on the ballot.

Earlier this month, 47 percent favored Evers, while 46 percent backed Michels and 4 percent supported Beglinger.


1849, 02 November 2022


  1. jonnyv

    I don’t know how much I have faith in these polls. Gut feeling and a little talking to people leads me to believe that both incumbents will hold their spots. Clearly not what I am hoping for, but just a guess.

  2. Mar

    I agree with you Johnny on the polls.
    The Marquette poll had Senile Joe Biden winning by about 5 percentage points, a week before the 2020 election
    Biden won with a .63,% margin.
    So based on Marquette’s history and polling, I’m pretty sure Michaels is ahead.

  3. dad29

    Biden won with a 25,000-vote helping of fraud.

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