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1731, 06 Oct 22

Child Respiratory Illness Spikes Due to Lockdowns

The long-term negative impacts on health, economy, education, and liberty far outweigh whatever benefits, if any, resulted from the COVID response.

More children and young people are being hospitalized with colds and respiratory problems than ever after the Covid pandemic, official data suggests.


Experts have repeatedly warned lockdowns and measures used to contain Covid like face masks also suppressed the spread of germs which are crucial for building a strong immune system in children.


A retrospective report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today showed levels of common cold viruses hit their highest level ever among under-18s in August 2021.




While the report only looked at August 2021, separate data from the CDC indicates that hospital visits for children under four years old with respiratory problems may be getting worse.


1731, 06 October 2022


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