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1934, 06 Oct 22

Chicagoans are Lightweights at Cursing

I stand with effin’ Poochie, fer cripes’ sake.

Chicagoans swear an average of 17 times per day, well behind the nation’s most foul-mouthed city. That would be, darn it, Columbus, Ohio, where residents curse 36 times a day, according to the survey, which was conducted by the language learning app Preply using data from 1,500 residents in 30 cities.


Chicago’s ranking didn’t sit well with Roberta “Poochie” Jackson, a longtime employee of the Weiners Circle hot dog stand and perhaps the city’s most prolific swearsmith since former Mayor Rahm Emanuel left town to serve as ambassador to Japan.


“Not sure what f—ing suburb they surveyed, but we all know Chicago is No. 1,” she said.


1934, 06 October 2022


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