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2118, 22 Sep 22

Mayor Dismisses Concerns about Violence

Well, that’ll encourage people to stay.

Lightfoot was asked about last week’s comments by Kempczinski to the Economic Club of Chicago where he referenced the recent departures of high-profile companies such as Caterpillar, Boeing and Citadel from the area and said the city needed to “face facts.” He said that “while it may wound our civic pride to hear it, there is a general sense out there that our city is in crisis” and noted that there are “fewer large companies headquartered in Chicago this year than last year.”


At her customary post-City Council press conference Wednesday, Lightfoot used one of her favorite lines to rebut criticism.


“What would have been helpful is for the McDonald’s CEO to educate himself before he spoke,” Lightfoot said.


2118, 22 September 2022


  1. Mar

    Beetlejuice is a joke of a mayor and it would be shocking if she gets reelected. Probably would lose the primary.
    The mayor of Chicago sucks. The governor of Illinois sucks. And the Bears still suck.
    A true trifecta.
    But Beetlejuice is not very educated about the city she lives in.
    Now wonder just about everyone is a FIB.

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