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2031, 19 Sep 22

Illegals From Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua Flood Border

We are importing the violence and communism from those totalitarian countries at a record pace. The great melting pot can’t keep up.

CNN — 

US Customs and Border Protection encounters along the US-Mexico border have already topped 2 million so far this fiscal year, according to newly released agency data, with migration from countries like Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba driving numbers up.

In August, migrant encounters jumped to 203,598 along the US southern border, data shows. Of those, 22% involved people who crossed more than once.

Two million. TWO MILLION. That is almost 40% of the population of Wisconsin. This is a humanitarian disastrous, and it is being intentionally perpetrated by the Biden Administration. It is also destabilizing the entire Western hemisphere. This won’t end well, but it must end.


2031, 19 September 2022


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