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1245, 18 Sep 22

Denver Plans for Basic Income Experiment – No Men Allowed

I bet all of the drug dealers are looking forward to the boom market conditions.

Denver is set to provide 140 homeless transgender and non-binary people with $12,000 in no-strings-attached cash to help lift them out of destitution – and combat the squalid encampments and soaring crime rates plaguing the Mile-High City.


The city has allocated $2million from the American Rescue Plan Act to fund the program, which will be run by the Denver Basic Income Project to mainly get women, transgender and non-binary people housed.


The total program, which will cost up to $9million, is seeking to help around 820 people, but the $2million provided by the city will fund around 140 people.




The participants – which will mainly be women, transgender and gender non-confirming individuals – will be chosen at random after applying and will more than likely begin receiving payments starting in November, according to ABC 7 Denver.


1245, 18 September 2022


  1. Mar

    This stupid idea will not stand up to a court challenge.

  2. Mar

    A lot of straight males will suddenly become transgender… Until they get the check.

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