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2109, 24 Aug 22

Teachers Strike

These kids haven’t had a normal school year in three years and this year won’t be normal either. They are being robbed of their futures.

The tens of thousands of students in the district are now starting the school year with remote education, made up of lesson plans and videos they can access through their schools without a teacher to guide them. It’s a start that has some parents concerned. Remote learning has contributed to students falling behind academically and to mental health and behavioral challenges.

Mayor Andrew J. Ginther announced in a news release that the city is partnering with recreation centers and area nonprofit organizations to open “support centers” with reliable internet service for students affected by the teacher strike.


The centers began operating Wednesday and are providing spaces for students to access online lessons, however, they are “not intended to serve as a substitute for in-person academic instruction.”


2109, 24 August 2022


  1. Mar

    After spending 20 years in the classroom, teacher lounge and other areas of schools, I am convinced that the vast majority teachers and school administrators do not care one little bit about the parents of students.
    As far as their caring for students, maybe it is ,50-50.

  2. Tuerqas

    Oh let’s face it, what inner city public school district gives a quality education today?
    And really, the heat and air conditioning doesn’t work after 3 years of such limited school use so plenty of time to fix them? That seems like it should have little to nothing to do with any sort of teacher contract, they are basic staples in today’s America. Teachers should protest that.
    Who knows what ‘safer schools’ means these days, so I can’t comment on that because I am not interested enough in Columbus schools to dig into it further.
    Funding for art, phy ed and music isn’t really a teacher related thing, though, it is between the union and the board, and the board and the parents raising enough money to have them in the curriculum. The only way teachers have any responsibility is allowing their unions to offer to cut the classes to pay them more in the first place, I guess.

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