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0755, 10 Aug 22

Michels to Challenge Evers for Governor

I can almost guarantee that Evers had this statement written irrespective of who won. He just needed to fill in the name.

Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers responded to Trump-endorsed Tim Michels’ projected win in the Republican gubernatorial primary on Tuesday by labeling him as “radical” and “divisive.”


Michels defeated former Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and two other Republican candidates in the GOP primary, and will face off against Evers in the general election in November.


In a statement following Michels’ projected primary victory, Evers’ campaign said his upcoming Republican opponent is “the most extreme and divisive nominee possible” who will say anything to appease former President Trump.

A couple comments on the GOP primary…

As I stated before, I supported Kleefisch because I think she would have been an indefatigable champion of conservatism as governor and I thought she stood the better chance of beating Evers. But… it’s close. Michels is a lifelong conservative and experienced business leader. He would also be a fine governor. I hope that Michels learned the lessons from his 2004 loss and makes the appropriate changes to his campaign strategy. I also hope that Michels has the same energy to move the conservative cause as governor as we saw in Walker’s first term.

Also, it is clear to me that the Republican base in Wisconsin has changed significantly since the Tea Party movement swept them into power in 2008 and 2010. It is more Trump than Reagan. More Hannity than Buckley. It is a different brand with different priorities. It’s good from the standpoint that it is an aggressive style that can get some big things done. Unfortunately, it is also a brand of conservatism that believes in big government doing big things – even if they are conservative things. It is not a brand that believes in small government. It’s not my brand, but it is far preferable to the Marxists on the Democratic side.

All that being said, I’m firmly in the Michels camp. Let’s git er dun.


0755, 10 August 2022


  1. Mar

    I think the Evers script is a national thing. We’ve had the almost the exact wording here in Arizona with the governor and Senate race.
    One things liberals are not and that is being original.

  2. Jason

    >One things liberals are not and that is being original.

    The other this they are not is Tolerant.

  3. Randall Flagg

    *****One things liberals are not and that is being original.*****

    They must have learned from conservatives. Look at how many times has ALEC legislation been copied for example.

    *****The other this they are not is Tolerant.*****

    Yes, of course, they need to be “tolerant” like the conservatives were on January 6th.

  4. Jason

    >like the conservatives were on January 6th.

    And the racist rioters were across the country in the summer of 2020? Racine, Seattle, Portland, Minnesota, St Louis, Atlanta, New York. Or like Dem leaders condemning the United States Supreme Court as Radical. Or Liberal organizations paying bounties to people who report locations of sitting Supreme Court Justices.

    Please Flunky, lets not compare tolerance. You’ll lose every day of the week and twice on days that end in Y.

  5. Tuerqas

    >Yes, of course, they need to be “tolerant” like the conservatives were on January 6th.

    There is compelling evidence in many areas of ballot stuffing and malfeasance in the US election 2020. Enough to demonstrate over. I looked at quite a bit of evidence and the only ‘debunking’ of any of the obviously illegal ones by liberals were “Debunked!” No evidence of debunking, no real explanations, just a one word battle cry because their news station said so. After all the deaths and myriad destruction from liberal orgs over the year prior, I actually support what happened January 6th. It needed to be done. Only one person died that night, a protester, and if it had not happened I believe the methods of election fixing were going to continue (we’ll see if Dem sponsored riots are chilled in 2024).
    Based on their actions, Liberals already believe we are to the point of using violence and illegal means to gain power as acceptable tactics.
    So in the end Randall, citing one day of violence by conservatives does not dismiss or equal all of the Dem tactics that have become standard and include rioting and violence over the last 60 years (actually quite a bit longer). Just my opinion, but if you don’t buy it I encourage you to look up largest riots in US history. With 2 exceptions the top 20 are all in Presidential election years and for issues supported by the Democratic Party (and with their organizers serving meals).

  6. Randall Flagg

    I don’t buy it.

    The reason I don’t is on January 6th, the rioters were wearing Donald Trump memorabilia, carrying his flags, and shouting his name. I don’t recall seeing rioters wearing Joe Biden gear, shouting his name, or carrying his flag. So while we can guess who rioters in the cities support, there is zero doubt who rioters on January 6 support. And, that person did nothing to try and stop the rioters.

    I also don’t believe violence justifies violence. That is a juvenile tactic that should have gone out in middle school. If you decide to conduct violence that is your decision and you can’t use other violence for justification. Now of course self-defense is different here so I’m talking about proactive violence.

    I also don’t believe we can 100% know who is behind the BLM and such riots. Now I definitely know who is behind the protests, but we certainly have seen evidence that the people behind the riots may not be the same people we think they are. Consider the umbrella man in Minnesota for example “A masked, umbrella-wielding man accused of helping incite riots and looting in the aftermath of George Floyd’s police-involved death has been identified as a member of a white supremacist group that aimed to stir racial tensions amid largely peaceful Black Lives Matter protests, according to police.”

    Even the Trump administration confirmed the role of white supremacists in the rioting:

    I 100% believe in protesting, and I am 100% against rioting. I don’t care who does it, there is no reason for it.

    As far as largest riots, let me know what source you are using, or what the definition of largest is, I will be glad to look at them.

  7. Tuerqas

    So what don’t you buy, exactly? No one including me is denying that Trump supporters were the primary rioters on 1/6. You don’t buy that liberals were responsible for dozens of riots in 2019 during the election campaign (which kills your violence should not beget violence argument) or you don’t buy that Dem organizers helped foment marches into riots? Are you seriously suggesting that all of the rioting in 2019 and other past Presidential campaigns were caused by white supremacists (which is the only evidence that supports your violence should not beget violence argument)?

    If you honestly believe that cops only kill black men during Presidential election campaign times and that white supremacists agitate all the peaceful liberal marches into riots, no proof I can offer will change your mind, so we can call this conversation dead. Conflicting news source beliefs, cool.

  8. dad29

    Only one person died that night, a protester……who was MURDERED by a Capitol cop. Another protester was beaten half to death by another CapCop–and she died later.

    Flagg asks for a definition. I’ll add to that ask: define “Riot”. If you define that as illegal breaking and entry with or without destruction of property, that covers maybe 100 of the protesters, at the most. If you define “riot” as walking into a building at the express invitation of the police, taking pictures, and exiting without leaving so much as a candy wrapper on the floor, then you’re not serious at all.

    One more thing: the Capitol building is NOT a temple nor a ‘sacred space’, no matter what Congress-critters may say or think. That is a notion that must be quashed. It happens to belong to all of the citizens, not to those who happen to work there.

  9. Jason

    >the Capitol building is NOT a temple nor a ‘sacred space’, no matter what Congress-critters may say or think.

    The Act 10 protests taught us Wisconsinites that… of course, the Democrats were holed up in a shitty hotel just across the Southern border, so they didn’t learn a thing.

  10. Billiam

    What I find amazing is that so many forget the LEFTIST bombings in DC over the recent decades. Or the REAL riots and burnings in DC after Trump was elected. There is no reasoning with these people because they are without reason. I honestly don’t know how this Nation continues.

  11. Randall Flagg


    specifically, here is what I **don’t buy:

    1) that all of the riots during the 2019 election season were driven were driven by Democrats .

    There is ample evidence some of them were driven by Republicans.

    2) there was rampant fraud in the 2020 election.

    There is fraud in every election, but I have seen no evidence of rampant fraud in the 2020 election. I have seen Republicans claim there were situations set up that could lead to fraud, but situations that *could* lead to fraud does not automatically mean there was fraud. Furthermore those that are crying fraud have destroyed their own credibility. For example Mike Lindell claimed that Wyoming had Dominion voting equipment for the 2020 election, but they did not

    3) That Democrat violence justifies Republican violence.

    You cannot justify republican violence by pointing to Democrat violence, and vice versa.

  12. Randall Flagg

    **** I honestly don’t know how this Nation continues.****

    Me neither when righties think the reasonable response to a search warrant they don’t agree with (and not even served on them) is to issue death threats and try and lay siege to an FBI building.

  13. Randall Flagg

    ****Only one person died that night, a protester……who was MURDERED by a Capitol cop. Another protester was beaten half to death by another CapCop–and she died later.*****

    that the protesters should have complied. After all that’s what you guys cry all the time. Don’t you remember back the blue and all that? Or have you abandoned that already?

    **** the Democrats were holed up in a shitty hotel just across the Southern border,*****

    Which clearly the Republicans were OK with,since they have used the “leave a state” tactic more than once .

  14. dad29

    Pflugg: use-of-force criteria are very clear for LEO’s and civilians. In fact, they’re identical. The CapCop committed murder; there was no imminent danger of life nor grave bodily harm from the woman. As to the second one: after the beating (with a truncheon) stopped, the CapCop PREVENTED others from taking the woman out of the area so as to perform life-saving first aid and/or to call an ambulance. That’s probably manslaughter, but it certainly isn’t the way Lefty rioters OR Righty rioters to be treated.

    Don’t make a fool of yourself in front of Jason any more.

  15. dad29

    There is ample evidence some of them were driven by Republicans.

    Have any handy? A link or three would be nice.

  16. dad29

    Dominion voting equipment for the 2020 election

    FYI, Dominion owns Premier and Sequoia systems, too. Lindell wasn’t wrong.

    I have seen no evidence of rampant fraud in the 2020 election

    You want sworn affadavits from the 2,000 mules themselves? Gee. Only 1 has blabbed (so far) and for some reason or other, State authorities in ALL the affected States don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about finding the other 1,999. Could that have something to do with covering their asses?

    You’re funny: a Lefty actually believing in the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.

  17. Tuerqas

    >3) That Democrat violence justifies Republican violence.
    You cannot justify republican violence by pointing to Democrat violence, and vice versa.

    Yet that is what you did before me. Except it was justifying Dem violence with the Republican example.

    Your words before I ever commented:
    >Yes, of course, they need to be “tolerant” like the conservatives were on January 6th.

    Then I said the same sentiment about the 1/6 rioters and you are trying to ream me for it. Feel free to continue reaming us both.

    The thing you don’t want to admit is that Dems have sanctioned violence for over a century so they are now quite good at obfuscation. They just ‘organize the marches and rallies’ and provide the food to make sure people come…and then, well we will just see what happens, right? The Republican Party is not good at it so they did not try to hide it. It is full of conservatives who say please and thank you. It also has white supremacists in the Party, but they are not organizing anything for Republicans. Their aims, in general, repulse most Republicans whereas liberals vote on emotion. If it weren’t true Dems would do just as well at mid-terms as they do in Presidential election years, but too much outrage leads to desensitization and apathy. And of course I don’t expect you to admit it now and that is fine, but hopefully you can be honest enough with yourself to see that you are trying to condemn me for okaying ‘childish violence’ while your statement above (before I entered the conversation) did the exact same thing.

  18. Jason

    >Don’t make a fool of yourself in front of Jason any more.

    Just when I think he couldn’t possibly be any more foolish, he posts and proves me wrong!

  19. Randall Flagg


    ah now I see a little bit better. That was not attempting to justify dem violence with the republican example, I was just pointing out that conservatives, like liberals, commit violence . So if we’re gonna have a discussion about political violence we should talk about it all, not one side or another. However I did not phrase it very well.

    I do disagree with you about

    1) the link between white supremacists and Republicans. I think it is much closer than you think it is.
    2) voting on emotion being a liberal thing . It is a person thing , not limited to one party or ideology . After all how many people voted for Trump because they hated Joe Biden, or vice versa? This is of course based on my experience, yours may be different .

    In the end the vast majority of liberals and conservatives are good people. However the problem (which has always been here but seems to have gotten exponentially worse in the past decade or so) nobody wants to condemn their own while loudly condemning “the other side.”

  20. Randall Flagg


    1) With Republicans claiming 3 to 5 million fraudulent votes, I do expect to see solid proof for at least a fraction of those. After all why would you claim a number if you didn’t have proof?

    2) Voting machines: Dominion doesn’towon ES&S: “According to Buchanan, three counties previously used Dominion voting equipment under a contract agreement between the state and Diebold Election Systems, Inc., but they do not use them anymore. Those counties were Goshen, Carbon and Laramie. Documents on the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Website, show that agreement was created in October of 2005. ****All clerks’ offices in Wyoming use the same machines purchased from Elections Systems and Software Inc.*****

  21. Randall Flagg

    doesn’towon = *doesn’t own*

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