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2141, 03 Aug 22

Barnes’ Anti-2nd Amendment Stances

I admit that I didn’t know/remember this. Of course, Barnes was a non-entity in the Assembly, so I’m not sure anyone noticed it at the time.

As a legislator Barnes held a press conference to announced he would introduce legislation to require gun owners to undergo psychological examinations before being permitted for concealed carry, and outlawing deer hunting in the state by banning the only ammo legal for use during gun deer season.


While now his rhetoric on guns is largely about assault rifles, it’s worth remembering as he poses in rural Wisconsin farm fields, that Barnes would end deer hunting, and send over 12% of the adult population for psych exams.  One in eight adults now have a concealed carry permit, a figure that increased after the unchecked riots Barnes praised as “inclusive community building.” 


2141, 03 August 2022


  1. MjM

    The dullest #2 pencil in the school pulls a Babblin’ Joe:

    “This year we finally have the chance to get rid of Scott Walker, one of the worst senators this state has ever had.” – M. Barnes, July 27.

  2. Tuerqas

    I could better argue that Walker was the BEST senator Wisconsin ever had…

  3. Merlin

    Oh, cool. Alternate reality time. Maybe Sweet Becky can claim to be the best deputy senator Wisconsin ever had. Unless you have a complaint… in which case she wasn’t in the room that day, so talk to the hand.

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