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1805, 25 Jul 22

State Senate Minority Leader Involved in Fatal Accident


MADISON – Senate Minority Leader Janet Bewley was involved in a fatal car crash Friday that left a mother and her 5-year-old daughter dead.


Bewley, who represents a district that covers the northwestern part of the state, pulled out of a Lake Superior beach entrance and into the path of a car driven by 27-year-old Alyssa Ortman of Pennsylvania, according to the Ashland Police Department. When Ortman’s car collided with Bewley’s, it spun across Highway 2 and was hit by another vehicle driven by 45-year-old Jodi Munson of Mason.


Ortman’s 5-year-old daughter was pronounced dead at the crash scene. Ortman was transported to a nearby hospital where she later died, according to police.




Ben Baker, a reporting intern for the Journal Sentinel, was on the phone with Bewley on Friday afternoon for an interview he had arranged with her staff about this fall’s elections for the Legislature.


Shortly after the interview began, Bewley told Baker she had cataract eye surgery the day before. Minutes later, she stopped talking mid-sentence and the call went silent. When Baker asked Bewley if she was still on the line, she sounded concerned. When Baker asked if she was OK, she said, “Yeah, I’m OK. This is not a good accident.”


1805, 25 July 2022


  1. Mar

    She needs to resign and I hope there are charges filed.
    Another reason why talking on the phone and driving is dangerous, especially a day after eye surgery.

  2. dad29

    Yah but ‘talking on the phone while driving’ is only dangerous if one cannot prioritize correctly.

    Yours truly has put–probably–1,000 miles on the car while on the phone in the last few years. But I’ve also put the phone down to navigate ugly traffic.


  3. Mar

    Well, most of the media is doing a good job covering this incident (not an accident) up by not covering it or very little.
    Very little mention in Madison and tge Ashland paper just had a paragraph about it.
    And you wonder tge media has a lower poll rankings than used car sales people, Jeffery Dahmer, snake oil salesmen and diarrhea.

  4. dad29

    But are they lower than Congress or President Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants?

  5. Mar

    Oh, I think 5hey are but there is one person whp.polls lower, our old friend, Le Roi. He was in negative numbers.

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