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0802, 20 Jul 22

Starbucks’ “Dens of Debauchery”

I haven’t willingly bought Starbucks for years precisely because their leadership has supported the policies that lead to this stuff for years. Perhaps Schultz is signaling a change from woke to awake? 

The CEO of Starbucks is intentionally shuttering more than a dozen profitable stores nationwide over disruptions that he’s blamed on the cities’ woke local elected leaders for ‘abdicating their responsibility’ to fight crime.


Howard Schultz said ‘America has become unsafe’ after he announced that 16 stores will close in several cities across the country – all set in left-leaning locales – because staff are being attacked and reports of drug use at the popular cafés.


The cities set to see closures include the company’s hometown of Seattle, as well as five other liberal-run municipalities. Those stores are in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Portland, and Washington, DC.

Schultz warned that this is ‘just the beginning’ of store closures and said there ‘would be many more’ amid issues with mental illness, homelessness and crime.

The reported disruptions include drug use by paying customers and, more often than not, members of the public – who often take advantage of the company’s open bathroom policy, which allows nonpaying patrons to use their facilities.


As a result, the bathrooms have in large part devolved into dens of debauchery, regularly used by vagrants and homeless to do drugs and engage in other illicit behavior.


0802, 20 July 2022


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