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2053, 18 Jul 22

Michels’ NRA Endorsement Flub


MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The National Rifle Association on Monday issued a stinging rebuke of former President Donald Trump’s pick for Wisconsin governor, accusing him of misleading its members after his campaign falsely claimed the gun advocacy group had endorsed him.




Michels’ campaign sent out a flyer that landed in mailboxes Saturday that claimed the NRA had endorsed him. Scott Meyer, a Wisconsin lobbyist who has done work for the NRA, said the group hasn’t endorsed anyone in the GOP primary and doesn’t plan to do so.




Michels’ campaign spokesman Chris Walker said in an email to The Associated Press on Monday that the claim was an “unintentional error” and has been immediately corrected with a new mailer that says Michels received an “AQ” grade on an NRA questionnaire about his stances on gun rights. Meyer said that grade indicates he answered the questions to the NRA’s satisfaction.

I have no doubt about Michels’ 2nd Amendment bona fides. He has a lifelong history supporting gun rights. I also have no doubt that this was just an honest mistake.

But it does worry me that this is yet another unforced error by the Michels’ campaign. He has some of the most experienced, highly-paid campaign people in the state working for him. How do they let something like this happen? It’s all fun and games in the primary, but every day lost to a stupid mistake like this in a general election is a day that Evers is winning.

On a side note, the first campaign I covered in depth as a blogger was the 2004 Senate Republican primary election. There were three candidates. I interviewed them all and wrote exptensively about it. It really was the race the pulled this blog to some modicum of prominance. Michels ended up winning the primary and losing the general election.

Years after the election. It was probably 2014… 2016 maybe? I stopped at Midwestern Shooters Supply in Lomira to look for a new carry holster (I didn’t find one) and ammo. Looking down the aisle I see Tim Michels. He recognized me immediately, said “Hi,” and we chatted about guns for a couple of minutes before we went on our mutual ways.


2053, 18 July 2022


  1. dad29

    He has some of the most experienced, highly-paid campaign people in the state working for him.

    Belling will be happy to tell you that they are mostly idiots. OTOH, Michels should have reviewed the material before he wrote the check. That’s what businessmen actually do.

  2. penquin

    Looking at how much attention he has gotten over this, I don’t think it was a mistake at all. I beleive his campaign team (rightfully) thought this would be something that would easily be forgiven by the voting public, and all the free publicity regarding his NRA “credentials” is worth the retraction.

  3. Merlin

    Consider the source of the objection. Is Meyer an official spokesman for the NRA? Nah, not on the recent client list. The NRA itself isn’t in the business of burning bridges. Your membership card doesn’t make you a spokesman for the organization. The NRA might actually prefer that Scott Meyer stfu.

    If Michels should happen to win that very same lobbyist/parasite will be kissing his ass at every opportunity trying to curry favor for his clients. The lobbyist here might have an unforced error of his own.

  4. Mar

    Here in Arizona, people are begging for President Trump’s endorsement but he has some made si.e strange endorsements.
    He endorsed a RINO who is running for governor and his endorsement for Senator is questionable.

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