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1948, 12 Jun 22

Vaccines “Appear” to Be Safe for Small Kids

Yeah… no. The chances of a child under 5 getting very sick or dying from COVID is almost nothing. I’ll take those odds over a vaccine that “appears” to be safe and whose effects are not known after two years.

WASHINGTON — Federal health officials said Sunday that kid-sized doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines appear to be safe and effective for kids under 5, a key step toward a long-awaited decision to begin vaccinating the youngest American children.


The Food and Drug Administration posted its analysis of the Pfizer shot ahead of a Wednesday meeting where outside experts will vote on whether the shots are ready for the nation’s 18 million babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Kids under 5 are the only group not yet eligible for COVID-19 vaccination in the U.S.


Late last week the FDA posted a similar analysis of Moderna’s shots for children under 6.


1948, 12 June 2022

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  1. Tuerqas

    Data for children 0-4 were shown to be overestimated at 442 since the start of Covid…out of 18,000,000 over almost 3 years? So about .000245 of 1%. The tenth most common cause of young child death is 1.3%. This percentage wouldn’t be in the top 500 causes. The question then is why get your child vaccinated against Covid that young? At 7.8% of infant deaths your child is over 1000 times more likely to be murdered. Pack your child in kevlar and call it a day. You just increased their chance of living to 5 years old by several orders of magnitude over getting the Covid shot for juniors even if it is completely safe.

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