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0604, 08 Jun 22

British Theater Chain Cancels Showings of Movie about Muhammad’s Daughter

What a shame for liberal thought.

Cineworld has cancelled all UK screenings of a film about the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, after it prompted protests outside some cinemas.


The cinema chain said it made the decision “to ensure the safety of our staff and customers”.


More than 120,000 people have signed a petition for The Lady of Heaven film to be pulled from UK cinemas.


The Bolton Council of Mosques called the film “blasphemous” and sectarian.


But House of Lords peer Baroness Claire Fox called the decision “disastrous for the arts [and] dangerous for free speech”, while Health Secretary Sajid Javid said he was “very concerned about the growing cancel culture” in the UK.


In an email to Cineworld, reported by the Bolton News, the chairman of the Bolton Council of Mosques, Asif Patel, said the film was “underpinned with a sectarian ideology” and “misrepresents orthodox historical narratives and disrespects the most esteemed individuals of Islamic history”.


0604, 08 June 2022

1 Comment

  1. penquin

    >“very concerned about the growing cancel culture”

    *The Dixie Chicks have entered the chat*

    That aside, whenever I hear about people protesting a movie I’m reminded of the time Kevin Smith went outside the theater to join the protest against his movie “Dogma”….never fails to make me chuckle how nobody in that crowd knew who he was, even tho they were carrying signs which personally berated him.

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