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2047, 05 Jun 22

Media Portrayals Skew Demographic Representations

This is for Britain, but I bet it holds in the U. S. of  A.

The public also hugely overestimates the number of vegans and vegetarians – suggesting about 20 per cent refuse to eat animal products, when it is just four per cent. Results of the survey, commissioned by the Common Sense Campaign, have been used to gauge the accuracy of minority representation in the media. Those surveyed were asked 16 questions to work out the overall perception of the make-up of the UK.


Tory MP Sir John Hayes said: ‘This distorted impression created by much of the broadcast and online media is so out of tune with the facts as to befuddle people about the true character of Britain. There are, of course, all sorts of minority groups that deserve our respect and regard.


‘The overwhelming majority of British people are drawn from a small number of groups. Media preoccupations with minorities are skewing the facts.’


The poll revealed that the public thinks 10 per cent of people are bisexual and 15 per cent are gay or lesbian. The true figures, official statistics say, are 1.3 per cent and 1.8 per cent respectively.


2047, 05 June 2022


  1. Tuerqas

    Oh it certainly does. The total estimated LGBTQ population in the US is 5.6%. I have seen one that was 7.1%, but that one was found to count a single person who identified in two categories as two people (they just counted the total number of ‘yeas’) and it targeted an inordinate number of young people who are being encouraged to identity experiment today. The poll on the US public opinion is that 23.6% of the population is LGBTQ in the US. The percentage of the black population is 12.3% and the average American believes that the black population is between 30 and 50%…
    Can’t imagine why. It definitely could not be that in many TV scenes today there will be about 1 black in 3 people and 1 LGBTQ in 4 people. Definitely not.

  2. jonnyv

    I think that this is totally true. And completely fine. Representation matters.

    Most entertainment isn’t meant to reflect actual society. People would HATE it. No one wants to watch “Your Boring Job”. So, if media wants to include LGBTQ in EVERY SINGLE thing, I am cool with that. If we wanted to show more special needs or physically disabled people, I would be cool with that too. Muslims are the 2nd largest religion, yet we see VERY few representations of that in the US.

  3. Jason

    >Muslims are the 2nd largest religion, yet we see VERY few representations of that in the US.

    Muslim is one of the smallest in the US, you’re mixing up your logic… Sheesh. I though representation matters? Didn’t you open with that?

  4. Tuerqas

    Yeah, I am not fine with misrepresenting numbers, but I am fine with over representation in the entertainment industry for the purpose of normalizing different minorities (though personally I find it overdone).
    The problem is the MEDIA over and under representation of minorities, there it is not fine for any purpose. Especially their purposes of obfuscation and mis-leading the public. Perfect example is the media tendency to hide the race of the alleged murderer if they are black , but promoting it if they are white (and using ‘white’ for suspected Hispanic criminals, but ‘Hispanic’ if they are the victim).
    I would agree that since Muslims are the Government boogeyman of today, they are under-represented everywhere except terrorist activities (1.1% of the US population). Libs are trying to get racists to be boogeyman number one again, and I wouldn’t care if they only labeled racists racists, instead of calling 90% of conservatives racists. Fortunately that level of lie desensitizes too many too quickly.

  5. Mar

    “we wanted to show more special needs or physically disabled people, I would be cool with that too”. So, am I understanding that if a person is Autistic, is in a wheelchair, has Down Syndrom and is blind, that will count as 4 people?

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