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0837, 12 May 22

More Pollution Leads to Fewer Hurricanes

Smog saves lives. If we could afford it, everyone should let their cars run in the driveways to prevent the unnecessary loss of lives.

Cleaner air in United States and Europe is brewing more Atlantic hurricanesa new U.S. government study found.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study links changes in regionalized air pollution across the globe to storm activity going both up and down. A 50% decrease in pollution particles and droplets in Europe and the U.S. is linked to a 33% increase in Atlantic storm formation in the past couple decades, while the opposite is happening in the Pacific with more pollution and fewer typhoons, according to the study published in Wednesday’s Science Advances.


NOAA hurricane scientist Hiroyuki Murakami ran numerous climate computer simulations to explain change in storm activity in different parts of the globe that can’t be explained by natural climate cycles and found a link to aerosol pollution from industry and cars — sulfur particles and droplets in the air that make it hard to breathe and see.


0837, 12 May 2022

1 Comment

  1. Jason

    So how does this jive with the “settled science and consensus with everyone”? I thought it was settled that pollution went up since the discovery of fossil fuels during the industrial revolution which led to global warming directly caused by carbon emissions, which has now led to stronger storms and more extreme climate.

    This is contradictory in that fossil fuel consumption for energy does also increase aerosol pollution – as directly stated by Hiroyuki San – leads to weaker storms and not the settled stronger storms?

    Sure makes me think that the science is very far from “settled”.

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