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0639, 04 May 22

54% of Americans Have Never Read the Constitution


In contrast, about twice as many Americans — a 54% majority — said in the same poll that abortion is “a constitutional right that women in all states should have some access to.”


0639, 04 May 2022


  1. Tuerqas

    And at least 75% of the people that claim to have read the constitution are being dishonest or have read little of it. You can have read only the first sentence and not be lying when you say you have read the constitution. All we ever had to read in school were the first 10 amendments that I remember, until College.

    I would love to have someone read the part about where it says that abortion is a constitutional right to me some day, though:). Reading it myself would be a silly exercise, because if I told a lib about it not being there, they would snort and say ‘It was debunked’.

  2. Jason

    Maybe the new Ministry of Truth lizard will correct those 54% ijuts. Hard to argue that misinformation of this nature doesn’t lead to more deaths.

  3. Merlin

    The civic damage component of Roe is completely lost on most people; left, right, or down the middle. Federal judicial activism and institutional corruption in the name of social justice has to a large extent replaced the formal principles of our representative democracy. Unless you were a young adult in ’73 and have really been paying attention the last 50 years or so, you don’t know that there used to be another way. If this shit is all you’ve ever known then this is your normal.

    Where does a young person find an accurate education, complete with honest historical context, on the Constitution? Their relatively ignorant parents who are only slightly uncomfortable with this evolving new normal? Not likely before a university 300-level course… if then.

  4. Tuerqas

    It gets worse than that Merlin. Say a young person goes out on the internet and finds an accurate copy of the constitution, and reads it. Is there really much left in our Government that actually looks like the constitution? How would they learn anything except that our national Government is taking more and more power from them and the States and there is nothing they can do about it? With only rare exception, the Parties in power choose the candidates for us to vote for and they generally follow their party line, which is always to keep current powers and then try to amass more. There is really only one avenue, voting, and the Parties have that avenue blocked. What are they gonna do vote independent?

    The constitution has little meaning anymore, because Government has circumvented and reinterpreted it to the point of virtual irrelevance. Sure, an occasional court refers to it, but just as often they turn to the newest interpretations of it to make new decisions. And teachers have their own cooked up greatest excuse to NOT teach it in schools. It has a lot of racism when looked at through today’s lens rather than a lens of the time. And we can’t teach that now can we?

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