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0730, 03 May 22

Evers bestows Office of Environmental Justice on Wisconsin

My column for the Washington County Daily News is online and in print. Here’s a part:

The key to understanding the OEJ, and how bad it will be for Wisconsin, is to understand that it is not about the environment. The mission of the OEJ is not to make sure that Wisconsin protects the environment. The OEJ is not a regulatory agency to ensure that the state has reasonably clean air and water. OEJ officials will not be helping to clean up industrial accidents. The key word in the Office of Environmental Justice is not “environmental.” The key word is “justice,” as Tony Evers and the woke left defines it. I invite the reader to take a moment and go read the executive order creating the OEJ. It is easy to find. It is Executive Order #161 and it is only three pages. As with all government proclamations, there are a series of “whereas” clauses that build the justification for the order being issued. Eight of the ten “whereas” clauses in Evers’ order are about racial or social equity.


Only one “whereas,” the sixth one, claims that there is an environmental issue that justifies the creation of a new government office. Meanwhile, the order is replete with phrases like, “promoting environmental equity,” “environmental justice movement,” “communities of color in urban ghettos,” and “right to equitable treatment.”


The goal of the OEJ is not to make sure that Wisconsin has a cleaner environment. The goal is to ensure that Wisconsin’s environmental regulations meet the racial and social “equity” standard of the woke left.


0730, 03 May 2022


  1. Tuerqas

    In other words, the Climate change issue/money source has failed over the last decade and libs need a new angle to revive it. They have their racial issues still going pretty strong because they can brand anyone who suggests any sort of dissent a racist. So, marry the issues together and re-energize the climate change money spigot.

  2. MjM

    Well, trees are racist, you know.

    And so is the lack of trees*.

    It’s as if the loonies can’t make up their minds.

    * Notable Quote: “life and death infrastructure

  3. dad29

    the Climate change issue/money source has failed over the last decade

    I cannot agree with that. The “climate change” racket is going very strong and costing you a fortune in solar, wind, and battery power. You may have noted that WE Energies is looking for a rather large increase in electric rates.

    What Evers is doing is throwing a sop to what he THINKS is his base and encouraging lawsuits–which will ALSO cost you a crap-ton of money.

  4. Tuerqas

    Dad, by ‘failing’, I really meant flagging, my bad choice of words. Of course old programs are still bringing in scads of soft money to Dems, I meant more that it has been out of the news, and few new hare-brained seeming scams to get new money and ‘awareness’ have been enacted.

    Overall, I am not against solar and wind investment (et al) for the future in the least. Eventually, we will indeed run out of fossil fuels and any alt energy initiatives that slow that eventuality is a bonus. If it weren’t just being used as a cash cow and vote getting stratagem for Dems, I would even applaud Government working towards a fossil fuel free future.

  5. dad29


  6. Merlin

    Fed DoJ also has such a division, so don’t be littering. And don’t even THINK about lying to the FBI about that Snickers wrapper not being yours.

    What are the odds that not recycling will be a felony by Christmas?

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