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1611, 28 Apr 22

Economy Contracts


Gross domestic product unexpectedly declined at a 1.4% annualized pace in the first quarter, marking an abrupt reversal for an economy coming off its best performance since 1984, the Commerce Department reported Thursday.


The negative growth rate missed even the subdued Dow Jones estimate of a 1% gain for the quarter. GDP measures the output of goods and services in the U.S. for the three-month period.

Elections have consequences.


1611, 28 April 2022


  1. Merlin

    No problem. Y’all need to relax. Joe’s got this. Maybe not right away since he’s already done for the week, but sleep easy knowing the biggest vote-getter in history is on it. Heh.

  2. dad29

    The soothsayers expected a contraction in the SECOND quarter, not the first. Now it’s possible (likely?) that we’ll have two quarters of negative numbers in a row–which is the definition of “recession.”

    Meantime, PoopyPants will send $33BN to Ukraine to pay Ukie Gov’t bureaucrats and for war-war which is also emptying the US’ closets of weapons.

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