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0647, 06 Apr 22

Conservative Win in West Bend School Board

After several years of conservatives losing in West Bens School Board races, two of the have handily unseated the incumbents. Hopefully the new board members can begin to stop the decline of that district. At the very least, hopefully we can have come transparency into their machinations.

WEST BEND — Challengers John Donaldson and Melanie Ehrgott received more votes than incumbents Paul Fischer and Erin Dove to earn spots on the West Bend School District Board of Education.


Ehrgott received 29.52% of the total votes and Donaldson received 29.44% of the votes. Dove received 20.62% while Fischer received 20.42% of the total votes.


Ehrgott stated she decided to run for a seat on the board as she “saw a need for board members that will respond to the concerns of parents, students and the community.” She stated she also has a desire to serve the community where her family grew up.


Her top priorities are transparency including parent and community communication, improving academic achievement and balancing the budget without overburdening taxpayers. Ehrgott previously told the Daily News that if elected, she hopes to make all materials taught to students available online for parents and community members to review. That way, they can ask questions and determine if what is being taught meets their family’s values. She also hopes to find a solution to facility issues without adding an additional referendum.


0647, 06 April 2022


  1. MjM

    Kenosha County Exec flips red:

    Fox ads this fun tidbit:

    The current Kenosha County executive is Democrat Jim Kreuser, who has served in the position since 2008. He was preceded by Allan Kehl, who served as a Democratic sheriff in the county before being elected county executive from 1998 to 2008. Kehl resigned in 2008 and was later sentenced to two years in federal prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws.

  2. dad29

    Note something else: Lazar sentenced a rapist to 11 months in slam plus 5 years probation. But the guy was an LEO, so that makes him special or something, right?

    I have daughters and refused to vote for her.

  3. Mar

    Sadly, The City of Milwaukee voters have decided that they are just fine with violence,, murders, overdoses, robberies, car jackings, and other violent crime by electing a radical mayor who has no clue or doesn’t care about minority on minority crime.
    Milwaukee will suffer and it is 100% on liberals.
    But hey, they got a Black mayor. About as smart as Senile Joe, which means he has a negative IQ.

  4. MjM

    Lazar sentenced a rapist…

    Except for the fact that he was not convicted of rape. I suggest you look up and read the actual case. While Scharlat was a drunken scumbag, the case was not as cut&dried as you seem to think.

  5. dad29

    Yah, sure.

    “Has sexual contact or sexual intercourse with another person without consent of that person by use or threat of force or violence. ” Wi Stat 940.225

    That is rape, pal.

    But if you wouldn’t care about it if it happened to YOUR daughter, call it whatever you want.

  6. MjM

    I doubt my daughter would wait years to file such charges, all the while going back for more.

    Nor would she lie under oath.

  7. dad29

    Your first graf –as you know–is irrelevant.

    The second requires proof, such as a perjury conviction.

  8. Mar

    From what I read, when the victim gave her impact statement, the judge didn’t believe hereto and if the judge doesn’t believe, chances the criminal, no matter who it is, they will sentence close to the minimum.
    And the accused didn’t get the Jussie Smollet treatment, let out of jail while appealing.

  9. MjM

    >> Your first graf –as you know–is irrelevant.

    It may be in your mind but not in jury trials. The jury didn’t believe the “victims” because of their own continued drunken frolicking with their “rapist” after the fact, and found not guilty on four of the five charges for that precise reason.

    Considering two of the three “victims” had to be sought out and solicited by the prosecution to join in so they could add charges to spice up their case – and were then forced to change their biggest first-degree charge to second-degree a few days days before trial – might have some cause as well.

    >>The second requires proof, such as a perjury conviction.

    It was admitted to in court on cross.

  10. dad29

    The charges brought by two of the three resulted in ‘not guilty,’ which gives rise to the ‘perjury’ question. You state that perjury was admitted on cross.

    Apparently, that was from one (or both) of the other two accusers, unless you’re telling us that the judge found the rapist guilty despite admitted perjury.

    Those women are trailer trash. But even trailer trash should not be raped. Second degree earns 10 years in the big house. Obviously, “less than” is part of the guideline.

    Especially if the goblin is an LEO.

  11. Mar

    Dad, the guy was found guilty by a jury. He should have had the judge decide because she did not believe the woman.
    And sexault could mean rape or just fondling. Big difference.

  12. dad29

    Apparently the jury found the perp to be worse than the woman who was raped. The judge didn’t. Hmmmmm.

    2nd degree sex assault is serious, no matter the form and content. Try it sometime on an unwilling woman and see what happens to you!

  13. Mar

    And the jury thought the other 3 claims were bogus.
    But I guess, Dad, you were in court or read the minutes of the trial to come to your conclusion

  14. dad29

    Just like you, Mar.

  15. dad29

    By the way, since the rapist has a felony conviction his career as an LEO is over with.

    So he did the logical thing: took disability retirement.

    Well-deserved, right, Mar?

  16. Mar

    Wow, Dad, you are sounding pretty liberal nowadays. Almost in Le Roi territoy.
    It depends what the disability is.
    And I read the news reports which contradicts what you have said and looked at the court case online.

  17. MjM

    The charges brought by two of the three resulted in ‘not guilty,’

    One of which was the original complainant.

    The second was one of the solicited, who had hung out with Scharlat for 20 years, prior to and including her time being married and having kids with someone else in Washington state, from where she traveled back to “visit” him multiple times, and then permanently returned upon leaving her marriage.

    The third “victim”, C. Kimberly Toms, for whom the jury found guilty on the one count, never sought charges until solicited by prosecutors five years after the fact. Instead, she tried to get him fired by DoS two years after the fact and created a “documentary” about her experience. The so-called documentary. “Escaping Fed”, claimed she was stalked by Scharlat for years yet she admitted she continually texted with him to see if she could get him to admit assault.

    You state that perjury was admitted on cross.

    It was. One the complainants stated that one day Scharlat came to her house, started wrecking the place, and punched and assaulted her. He was on court-ordered monitoring at the time. GPS data showed he was never anywhere near her house. Confronted with this fact at trial she admitted it didn’t happen.

    The judge didn’t. Hmmmmm.

    Lazar sentenced Scharlat to seven years, stayed, 12 months of incarceration with the last month up to the probation officer, registered sex offender, 5 years of tight probation. If ever caught having even a sip of beer, among several other things, back to the slammer.

    2nd degree sex assault is serious,….

    I have not stated any disagreement with that.

    …no matter the form and content

    If you meant “context”, I certainly disagree with that. Context helps reveal the entire story.

  18. dad29

    thanks for the context.

    He’ll enjoy disability pay and after 5 years will also enjoy the tavern life.

    He’s still a rapist, and 11 months is very short time, indeed.

  19. Mar

    Le Roi has a twin.

  20. MjM

    He’ll enjoy disability pay….

    In what way does this have to do with Lazar?

    …and after 5 years will also enjoy the tavern life.

    As a life-long sex offender registrant he can drink himself to death if he wants, all by hisself.

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