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1828, 24 Mar 22

U.S. Inflation Rate Only Half of Russia’s

We’re closing in fast.

On Wednesday, Russia’s economic ministry said annual inflation had jumped 14.5% in the week ending 18 March – the highest rate since late 2015.

The Federal State Statistics Service said the cost of sugar rose by as much as 37.1% in certain regions of the country and increased by an average 14%.


Sugar, which is commonly used to preserve food or make liquor, was the biggest gainer in the week, the government agency found.

The price of onions was the second biggest riser over the week, up 13.7% nationwide and 40.4% in some areas. Meanwhile, nappies were 4.4% more expensivePrices for black tea rose 4% and toilet paper increased by 3%.


1828, 24 March 2022


  1. Mar

    Well, now that Senile Joe says we’re going to send in troops into Ukraine, I suspect we will be close to Russia, inflation wise.

  2. MjM

    Or past ‘em.

    If using 1980’s methods (remembering Peanuthead Jimmy) US inflation today would be at 16%. If using 1990’s calcs US inflation would be around 12%.

    Over the years the g’vment has changed (read: manipulated) how the inflation rate is determined in order to lower inflation-based payouts, such as Social Security.

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