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0734, 23 Mar 22

What is a woman?

We want this person to make huge decisions based on the interpretation of words and they are (I assume I can’t call Jackson a “she?”) unwilling or unable to define what a woman is? We are erasing women from society.

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to define the word ‘woman’ during the second day of her confirmation hearing conducted by the US Senate‘s Judiciary Committee.


The moment came during a tense exchange with Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) who pressed Jackson on sex and gender issues amid the fallout of biological male swimmer Lia Thomas storming to victory in the NCAA championships against female competitors.


Quoting late Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Blackburn said: ‘Physical differences between men and women are enduring. The two sexes are not fungible. A community made up exclusively of one sex is different from a community composed of both.’




When Jackson claimed she had never heard the quote, Blackburn asked directly: ‘Can you define the word ”woman”?’


‘Can I provide a definition?’ Jackson responded.


‘No, I can’t,’ she declared, before adding: ‘I’m not a biologist’.


Jackson’s staunch refusal to offer a definition of a woman came at the end of the second day of questioning which tackled the big issues of race, abortion and judicial philosophy.



0734, 23 March 2022


  1. Mar

    Jackson is clearly book smart but has no backbone.
    If she cannot even answer this question, it shows she is afraid and unable to answer a simple question

  2. jonnyv

    Amazing she hasn’t cried on stage yet and told us how much she just likes beer. Instead she sat for hours and listened to a bunch of idiots try to trap her into saying something controversial, with a smile on her face. This is one big dog and pony show anyway. She has the experience (more than many historically), she has been heavily vetted multiple times (or she wouldn’t be here), and all this is doing is giving our other elected officials a chance to grandstand (aka Hawley, Cruz, Graham).

    And Owen, I didn’t realize that we could erase women from society based on laws. Did they NOT exist before we made laws? Is there a law somewhere DEFINING what a woman is? It sure seems that republicans REALLY want to legislate as much as they can about a woman and her body.

  3. MjM

    And just like Babblin’ Joe she makes shit up and lies with natural ease:

    My parents had this book on their coffee table for many years, and I remember staring at the image on the cover when I was growing up -Jackson, 2020

    “this book”, a foundational CRT screed written by Farrakhan-praising racist nutball Derrick Bell, was published in 1992 when Jackson was a 22-yr old student at Harvard, when Bell was a Harvard professor.

    I thought about this book cover again for the first time in forty yearswhen I started preparing for this speech, – Jackson, 2020

    Jackson was born in 1970. She remembers a book from her 10th year that was published 11 years later.

  4. dad29

    SHe doesn’t have to say anything ‘controversial.’ Her decisions to release baby-rapists and porn-pervs into society early are all we need to know. That and her sympathy for terrorists, sex criminals (‘If they’re on a registry, people may treat them differently wah-wah-wah….’)………it’s on the record.

    As to her personal life in high school and college, the Republicans are not low-life scum like the Democrats are.

    By the way, Mar, how do you know that she’s “book smart”? They won’t release her LSAT scores.

    Cannot define ‘woman’? No. She WILL not define it because she is crazy in the head.

  5. Mar

    Johnny, have you ever heard of the NCAA?
    If not, well then I under stand your ignorance on this: “And Owen, I didn’t realize that we could erase women from society based on laws. Did they NOT exist before we made laws? Is there a law somewhere DEFINING what a woman is? It sure seems that republicans REALLY want to”

  6. jonnyv

    DAD29, has ANY OTHER Supreme Court justice even been asked to release their LSAT or GPA scores? Frankly, LSAT scores are extremely USELESS. LSAT is the score you get when you ENTER law school. The fact that you bring this up, makes you about as qualified to comment as my neighbor’s dog. It is like asking someone what their ACT or SAT scores after they graduate college. Honestly, this could be the DUMBEST thing you have ever posted. Congrats on that.

    Dad29, I can point you to quite a few Rs who are lowlife scum. And the way you refer to her as a “creature”, probably just showing your racism. So, don’t bother trying to explain WHY you called her that… it is pretty obvious.

    Man, I also love how CRT scares the pants off of the right. Gosh, we shouldn’t teach anything that may make people feel uncomfortable about their ancestry or history. Makes me chuckle every time.

  7. Mar

    Johnny, what does CRT have to do with the NCAA and letting a transvite compete in women’s sports?

  8. jonnyv

    Mar, yup… what do you want to know about the NCAA? They are an organization that makes rules organizing college athletics.

    Dad29, yes. You could make a great argument that GW and DR were war criminals. More or less fabricating a reason for us to invade a country by claiming against all evidence that they had nuclear weapons.

  9. Mar

    Should be transvestite 

  10. jonnyv

    MAR, sorry. My comment about CRT was referencing Ted Cruz and MjM’s comment. It wasn’t in any sort of reference to NCAA. Multiple threads here.

    But if you want to talk about transgender women, by all means go ahead. Feel free to tell everyone why they shouldn’t be able to compete? Lia Thomas won a single event, not even breaking any records, I think she finished 5th and 8th in the other events she competed at. She underwent the hormone therapy required by the NCAA. Should we do hormone tests on ALL people competing? If a person born as a woman goes over the set limit, should we not allow her to compete as well? Everyone is seemingly an expert on these subjects these days.

  11. jonnyv

    Mar, I think you are being purposefully insulting. But if you are NOT… then Transvestite is someone who dresses as the opposite sex. Transgender is someone who identifies as a different sex. Neither have anything to actually do with NCAA requirements. But, you need to be transgender and have gone thru years of hormone therapy to play in an NCAA event.

    It’s a new world folks, get used to it. Remember when you all hated same sex marriage. And now it is a non-argument, it is just accepted by mainstream society by most. You would look like Grandpa Simpson yelling at the clouds if you complained about it today. Technology is changing quicker than you (or I) can keep up. Wait until we can start to grow entire people outside of wombs. Actual Clones? Other things we can’t even think of yet. You will keep arguing that they are unnatural, and you will keep losing that battle as society changes and moves forward.

    The only unnatural thing that I will continue to fight against is pineapple on pizza. Everything else is golden.

  12. Mar

    “have gone thru years of hormone therapy to play in an NCAA event.”
    That id just plain false, Johnny.
    The transvestite still has a penis. What does he use it for? A rudder?
    He has not gone through years of hormone treatments, he was swimming on the men’s team just a year or so ago.
    And if you ever heard him talk, you would say he is still a male.
    But the NCAA and many states has said he is woman because he said he is.
    What about the case in Virginia where a transvestite who said he identified as a girl was allowed into the bathroom and sexually assaulted 2 girls. Is that OK with you? Do you want your daughter sharing a bathroom with a transvestite and risk being assaulted?
    So, the question to Jackson was absolutely needed and with her refusing to answer shows she is either afraid of the left, which shows she is not independent or she is stupid.

  13. jonnyv

    Mar, she began hormone therapy in 2019. So yes… years. And having male genitalia doesn’t matter in this instance. If yours was cut off, does it suddenly NOT make you a man? She raced with the men’s team because she didn’t yet qualify for the women’s team and her HRT timeline.

    FYI. Continuing to call her a transvestite is the equivalent of using the N-word in the 70s, using gay slang in the 90s, using the R-word in the 2000’s. Language changes. Be on the right side of history and respectful.

    Finding a SINGLE instance of someone who said they were transgender to assault someone. How many millions of people and you can find ONE instance. And that Virginia instance was an underage boy who was wearing a skirt. And this had NOTHING to do with the boy’s choice of clothing. The two were in a relationship. This was a relationship assault. WHERE it happened made no difference. The girl in the relationship CHOSE that bathroom to talk to him about breaking up, and then he assaulted her. So, another boogeyman story without the correct details.

  14. Mar

    Johnny, does the transvestite have xy chromosomes or xx?
    The transvestite has not completed the transformation and is still more male than female.
    Now, if the transformation is complete with castration and the female hormones are equal to a woman, I would be a little more lenient. But he hasn’t done that. He can easily decide that since he won the medals and got all fame, he can stop the therapy and become a man again.

  15. Mar

    BTW, I don’t care what the woke crowd says about what a transvestite is or not. The guy wears women a clothes and swims in a girl’s swim suit, which is the definition of a transvestite is.

  16. jonnyv

    At the time of my post she hadn’t. And I will take getting teary eyed over someone fawning over you vs crying because you are being grilled and don’t like the questions or feeling personally attacked.

  17. dad29

    Li’l JonnyV wants to be the EDITOR for the Milwaukee Labor Press, not just a jackass who quotes it.

    I use the word “creature” about a lot of people—and you are among them. That’s because they are all “creatures.” If you had any religious training, you’d know that.

    It is no longer a slam dunk for that Ketanji-person. It’s an election year for a number of (D) Senators, and voting for a racist who cannot define “woman,” and seems to have a soft spot in her heart (and head) for baby-rapists, not to mention so stupid she’s getting caught in her own lies………..

    Nope. That’s a bridge too far for them.

    But not for YOU, Jonny!! Stay the course!! Go Baby-Rapists!!

  18. Mar

    “crying because you are being grilled and don’t like the questions or feeling personally attacked.”
    And who would that be? Maybe a Supreme Court Justice who was slanderous attacked with false and vile accusations that threatened his family life all because of dirty liberal politics?

  19. jonnyv

    Dad29, she is going to get confirmed.

    And you just better hope that Clarence Thomas holds on, or Biden will get another SC judge.

  20. Mar

    I am sure,Ike most liberals, Johnny, you are rooting for his death.

  21. dad29

    she is going to get confirmed.

    Don’t bet the house on it.

  22. Mar

    Dad, I would. What Democrat will vote against her? And then you know, RINOs will vote for her. Romney, Murkowski, and the doofus from Maine.

  23. jonnyv

    Mar, absolutely not. I hope he lives a long life. I don’t wish serious sickness or illness on anyone. I wouldn’t be sad to have a D president get another SC nominee. But not at the expense of someone’s health. Please, you should know me better than that.

    Dad29, I am up for any friendly wager on that confirmation.

  24. Mar

    Well, thank you Johnny, I’m glad you said that. But many of your liberal brothers and sisters have a different view.

  25. Merlin

    I realize that the radical lefties have been rather successful in selling their insanity to the rest of society, but I’m still skeptical that they’ll be able to sell our female population on the idea that the best women are women with their own dicks. They might have finally gone just a bit too far.

  26. Mar

    Looks like Justice Thomas is going to fight more fights. He was discharged from the hospital today and most, but not all, liberals are crying today

  27. dad29

    Manchin decided to vote FOR Jackson. That’s a surprise; practiced observers of confirmations thought Machin was against. Something happened–a promise of some sort–to change his mind.

    So yah, she’s likely to rule against the Constitution and for baby-rapists while sitting on SCOTUS.

  28. Mar

    From Senilr Joe today: “He hoisted a young girl in his arms and gave her a quick smooch — “I don’t speak Ukrainian, but tell her I want to take her home,” he told a translator with a laugh”
    No wonder he nominated a soft on pedophile judge for the Supreme Court.

  29. Mar

    Dad, it’s not a surprise. At best, he is moderate to liberal senator. He voted against Justice Amy Comy Barrett and voted twice to impeach President Trump. He’s no conservative, or even a true moderate.

  30. Kevin Scheunemann

    This “what is a woman” question id bringing the entire house of cards of the cancwerous woke leftist movement to its knees…and I am enjoying every minute of it.

  31. dad29

    Like I said, practiced observers were thinking he’d go against her. Yes, he’s a Lefty (and running for President soon).

  32. MjM

    Blackburn’s next question should have been. “Are you a woman?”

  33. Mar

    What the hell is a practiced observer?
    I think they need more practice.

  34. dad29

    Someone who shepherded all of Trump’s judicial nominees through the Senate. As you recall, those efforts were very successful.

    So he doesn’t need more practice. He bats better than MLB professionals; perhaps THEY need more practice?

  35. Mar

    Well, Helen Keller could have seen this a mile away.
    And we have different presidents now.
    My guess he’s been promised something.
    As far as president, well, good luck with that. Here’s pissed off both sides at times.

  36. dad29

    Helen Keller could have seen this a mile away.

    Good to have your insight.

  37. Mar

    I actually predicted that Manchin and Sinema would vote for the non biologist and that was an easy call. Along with some RIMOs.
    And Helen Keller would have seen this 2 miles away.

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